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Demon Slayer Legacy Trello – Wiki for Beginners

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Demon Slayer legacy is a newly released popular Roblox gaming experience. Below we will provide our reader with all the sufficient details about: Demon Slayer Legacy Trello 2022 & Wiki for New Players.

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Demon Storyline

The Demon Slayer Legacy was developed based on the storyline of the popular video game and anime show Demon Slayer. The plotline of the game revolves around the demon races that will be unlocked after Demon Slayer’s apocalypse.

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Raid Info

Below is the information provided about Demon Slayer Legacy Trello:

How to get started raid in demon slayer legacy?

Following is the step-by-step guide to heists in Demon Slayer Legacy:

  • Go to Yajiri Village
  • Talk to the Yajiri Demon Slayer
  • Ask about the swamp attack
  • Dan Asakusa, Tokyo
  • Talk to Yushiro for Asakusa
  • Ask about the robbery
  • Raid requires 25,000 Yen

Raid Reward Levels:

Following are the raid rewards required for different levels:

  • Easy – 50,000 YEN
  • Medium – 3 God Coins
  • Hard – 5 God Coins

Raid Level Requirements:

The following is the level requirement for the raid:

  • Swamp Demon/Yajiri Village raid: Level 200+
  • Asakusa Raid: Level 400+

Swamp Demon Raid

Following is the step-by-step guideline for the Swamp Demon Raid:

  • Open Yajiri Village Map
  • Teleport to Yajiri Village from the map
  • Raid requires 200+ Yen

Asakusa Raid

Following is the step by step guide for Asakusa Raid:

  • Asakusa, Tokyo Open Map
  • Teleport to Asakusa from the map
  • The level requirement is 400+

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello 2022 Wiki


  • M1 = Left mouse click
  • M2 = Right mouse click

Camera lock – [ `]

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello & Wiki for New Players

M1 – [Attack]

  • Left Shift+M1 – [Heavy Attack]

M2 – [Block]

  • Left Ctrl – [Counter Dodge/Parry]
  • Double jump – [Double tap space]
  • dash – [Left Alt]
  • sprinting – [X]

Final Skills:

The final abilities of Demon Slayers Legacy are dropped by the boss initiate, requiring guard skills. The skills will not be able to fossilize the defensive breathing skills used to parry the last skills. The latter abilities can also deal critical damage against the enemy hit by it.

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Stats

Max stats is 5,000

  • Power – Increases total damage
  • Agility – Increases stamina, running speed and climbing speed
  • Sustainability – Increases health
  • Mental Strength – Increases Breathing Capacity


Sleep is a very important skill, it slows the player down to 20% and players get a 50% reduction in stamina


Health regeneration slows down due to player hunger

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Total Concentration Breathing

Below are all possible details about the Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Total Concentration Breathing:

For killers:

Phase 1:

  • Increases your breathing/mental capacity by 50%. It also increases breathing rate as you progress through the stage.
  • For phase 1, Kanae from the Butterfly Mansion can give gourds.
  • Pumpkin training needed: 250

Stage 2:

  • Increases your breathing/mental capacity by 100%.
  • Phase 2 requires you to do reflex training with Kanae from the Butterfly Mansion.
  • Number of reflex training needed: 90

For demons:

Phase 1:

  • You can meditate in the cave to enter and fight against yourself. You enter a dimension where you try to dodge the attacks of random demon slayers.
  • For phase 1, you can get the stone gourd from Kokushibo.


Gourd training gets easier the more successful attempts you have.

Maximize Damage Input

  • For example: (Thunder Breath)
    agatsuma = x1.33
  • thunder breath = x1 damage (without breath it is x0.5 damage)
  • thunder nichirin = x1.5 damage total: x2 damage
  • with damage to cartridge strength (e.g. fog) = x2 damage
    total: x4 damage

Demon Slayer Storyline Quest:

Following are all the possible details about the Demon Slayer Storyline Quest:

Quest 1:

  • You start out as a villager in your town. You start your day by killing 5 PIGS

Quest 2:

  • After you kill the 5 pigs, talk to a wandering adventurer in the city. He asks you to kill 5 SLIMES for the city.

Assignment 3:

  • After the slime is dead, talk to the butcher. He asks you to cut down a tree and pick up some logs for him.

Assignment 4:

  • The butcher now asks you to bring the logs to the city in the snowy mountains so that they can survive the winter.
    However, when you get there, you find a house, with the family in it butchered. After this, you see a mysterious man in a colorful cloak fighting a girl and a young boy. The girl and the boy are knocked out by this mysterious man. Nevertheless, you reach the village and talk to the girl, saving their village.

Assignment 5:

  • You have to go home. It has become night. When you go home, a demon attacks you, and as you fight it off, a demon slayer uses Water Breathing to save you. You are grateful and run home to your village.
    When you get there, ask another demon slayer how to become one, and he tells him to find Urokudaki.

Assignment 6:

  • Because it’s late at night, you go to bed.

Assignment 7:

  • When you wake up tell the butcher that you are leaving the village

Assignment 8:

  • You leave the village. When you come to a fork in the road, go LEFT because you want to be a demon slayer. The right side feels dangerously like you would die so you don’t go that way. (If you go that way you will become a demon. Read the Demon storyline from there) In the house, talk to Yushiro to start a robbery for 25,000 YEN.


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