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Did CBS cancel the series? Know the reason here

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After losing his job, Tom Smallwood decided to pursue his dream of making a career in Bowling to put food on his family’s table. However, things take a drastic turn after his coach suffers a heart attack before a major tournament. Ever since the show’s first season premiered, fans have been waiting for How We Roll season 2. Will it ever happen? Let’s see.

Will there be how we roll season 2?

How we roll season 2

The first season of the comedy shows How We Roll premiered on CBS on March 31, 2022. Meanwhile, the season ended on May 19, 2022. The show’s first season was a light-hearted comedy that fans loved. However, CBS decided to pull the plug on the series on May 12, 2022, while the first season was airing. The network has not revealed a specific reason for the cancellation. But people are speculating that the show fell short of the viewership expectations CBS had.

How We Roll Season 2: Expect Plot!

The show’s first season saw Archie rushed to the hospital after she passed out while training Tom for the World Series of Bowling. We’ve learned that Archie has gone into cardiac arrest and is due to have surgery for a stent graft.

How We Roll' Season 2

Archie was persuaded to skip his first major game by Tom, who wouldn’t let him down. Archie can convince Tom that he couldn’t refuse the chance to achieve the goal they’ve been striving for. After Tom and Jen leave, Helen and Archie confess their love for each other. While traveling to the game, Jen informs Tom that she is expecting their second child.

At the moment we don’t know much about the storyline of How We Roll Season 2. However, when the show returns with How We Roll Season 2, it will continue to pick up the story after the events of the first season. We’ll see what happens when Tom takes part in the World Series of Bowling in How We Roll Season 2.


How we roll season 2

The cast of the comedy-drama series includes Pete Holmes as Tom Smallwood, Chi McBride as Archie Betts and Katie Lowes as Jen Smallwood. The series’ cast also stars as Julie White as Helen Smallwood, Mason Wells as Sam Smallwood, and Tahj Mowry as Lew. Furthermore, Rondi Reed appears as Ruth, Judy Kain trying on Mimi, and Amanda Perez as Tia.

In addition, Matt McCarthy, who plays Carl and French Stewart, can be seen as Jacob Powell, among others. When the show returns with How We Roll Season 2, fans will see the return of most of the main cast members. At the same time, the series may also introduce some new faces in the second season.

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