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Did Fox Just Cancel Running Season 2? Know the reason behind such a big decision

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It’s been about two months since the season finale of Fox’s comedy series Pivoting premiered. Generally this is around the time shows are refreshed. However, despite good reviews, the show was canceled ahead of Pivoting Season 2.

The comedy drama series’ first season premiered on Fox on January 9, 2022, and the season ended with the finale on March 10, 2022. Since then, fans have been waiting for Fox to renew the series for Pivoting Season 2. , the network dropped a bombshell on May 13, 2022, announcing that the show had been canceled before its second season. The unexpected decision follows months of discussions between the network and Warner Bros. television.

Running season 2

By some accounts, Fox was a big fan of Pivoting and granted a conditional extension if it moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver. However, the stars were unable to move their families. So it was a no go. According to reports, the network made a second attempt at expanding the series by asking for a significant cut in licensing costs. It was also a failure because the studio was unable to complete it.

What could Pivoting Season 2 be about?

At the end of the first season of Pivoting, viewers watched Amy, Sarah and Jodie meet and decided to take a break from their quest for a changed life as the days called for a celebration due to Coleen’s birthday. So they decided to put her ashes in a box. The girls grew exhausted and as usual they lost sight of someone in the coffin, Coleen.

Running' season 2

If the series returns with Pivoting Season 2, it will pick up the story after the events of season one. The second season shows us the effects of Amy, Jodie and Sarah’s decisions. Given how Amy and Henry’s relationship has progressed and the affection that exists between them, the next season could be pivotal for them.

In addition, Pivoting Season 2 will also focus on Sarah trying new things in life while also co-parenting with Brian. Meanwhile, we’ll also see what the next Jodie and Max have a huge crush on the latter as the former. The future second season will show whether the trio’s attempts to change their lives were really effective.

Why is Amy the funniest character on the show?

Running season 2

Amy, who makes viewers giggle when she announces she’s getting older from now on at noon, has got to be the funniest Pivoting character. Amy adores her children, but she is terrified of making a mistake. So after her morning program, she often hangs out in the city before going home in the evening.

She is now adamant about being present for her children. Fans realize she wants to be a good mom without sacrificing her sense of self or having fun. Amy is quirky and special, whether she’s ranting at another mother or laughing at her husband.

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