Disney+ is only $2 for a month for new and returning subscribers

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The House of Mouse is celebrating Disney+ Day today, which means exclusive content and releases if you’re already a subscriber, as well as a discount if you’re not already a member. If you are a new customer or have previously let your subscription expire, you can now month of Disney+ for only $2. The discounted price only applies to your first month of membership, after which you must pay $8 per month to keep your subscription active. Still, that’s 75 percent off the service’s regular price and a great opportunity to test it out or regain access to its movies and shows.

Get a month of Disney+ for $2

Also this year Disney+ Day marks the streaming premiere from Thor: Love and Thunder and Pinocchioas well as new series and originals such as the computer animation show Cars on the road. Brie Larson’s Hybrid Docuseries To grow upwith coming of age stories, and National Geographic’s Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory that will take you on journeys to capture lifelike animal stories in some of Earth’s harshest environments are now also available on the platform. And if you are a parent, I wish you the best of luck and hope you have the strength to make repeated plays of Let it gobecause there are new sing-along versions of Frozen and Frozen 2.

The $2 Disney+ offer ends before midnight on September 19, so you might want to sign up soon or set a reminder if you don’t want to miss it.

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