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Display of multiple personality disorders in movies over the years

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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), also known as Dissociative identity disorder (DID), is a psychiatric illness characterized by the presence of at least two distinct and relatively stable identities or dissociated personality states. It is a dangerous and acute condition that requires continuous monitoring.

So, here is a list of the best movies about multiple personality disorder. Please note that the movies are not ranked in any way. Let’s go through the list without further ado.

Clean, Shaved (1995)

In Clean, Shaven, Peter Greene plays a psychotic man recently released from a mental institution. He is a threat to himself and others because he is constantly assured that he is being followed, so he cuts “transmitters” out of his skull and isolates himself from the outside world. Peter becomes a suspect in a murder investigation after hearing terrible noises while searching for his daughter.

Words on Bathroom Walls (2020)

Words on Bathroom Walls follows Charlie Plummer’s character, Adam, who is young and smart (but also insane).

Adam, who is in his senior year of high school, must juggle his education, love life and interest in cooking while coping with the serious side effects of his medication. When Adam isn’t high on prescription drugs, he’s hunted by his hallucinating friends, who battle “The Darkness” seeping into his consciousness.

Identity (2003)

Identity, a psychological thriller directed by James Mangold, puts a new spin on the classic whodunit mystery film genre. When ten strangers are overtaken by a storm and take refuge in a motel, they find themselves being slaughtered one by one. And, as the title suggests, Identity revolves around one central question: who kills everyone?!

A limousine driver determined to locate the culprit, John Cusack leads the ensemble cast. Is it the convict? What about the prostitute? What about the nine-year-old? It all comes to a head with a Clue-style investigation.

Primal Fear (1996)

Primal Fear, a courtroom drama like no other, has viewers divided over the innocence of murder suspect Aaron Stampler. Edward Norton plays a stuttering, mild-mannered altar boy accused of brutally murdering a priest.

A Beautiful Ghost (2001)

A Beautiful Mind is a biographical film that’s not exactly accurate – but still a lot of fun – that won three Oscars in 2002, including Best Picture.

In the film, Russell Crowe portrays the turbulent life of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., who suffered from schizophrenia and autism.

Fight Club (1999)

A list of films with different personalities would be incomplete without mentioning David Fincher’s infamous Fight Club. The cultural effect of this dark comedy is beyond what we can fit here, but it deserves to be ranked first.

Edward Norton stars as an unnamed insomnia vehicle specialist who quits his job to start a “fight club” with quirky friend Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt).

By the conclusion, he is surprised to find that he is the commander of an anti-capitalist terrorist cell, oblivious to the fact that Tyler has been a projection of himself all along. For all your clarifications, check out this article in which the Fight Club ending

Fincher, like Scorsese, subtly alludes to his personality disorder through astute montage… So keep an eye out for that!

Split (2016)

Split catapulted actor James McAvoy’s career to new heights, with his performance as a kidnapper who suffered from dissociative identity disorder. McAvoy switches between his 24 different alter personas in seconds.

Split is a dark and gritty mystery thriller that nevertheless manages to have fun exploring its diverse personalities, from the sophisticated mother figure Patricia to the nine-year-old youth Hedwig.

Shutter Island (2010)

US Marshal Teddy Daniels is tasked with searching for an escaped convict who drowned her three children on a scary island inhabited by the world’s craziest criminals.

Teddy is increasingly pressured to face the truth he’s been avoiding as the investigation becomes more challenging.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Who can forget the mind-blowing (and time-consuming) cult classic Donnie Darko? Donnie Darko, written and directed by Richard Kelly, effectively kicked off Jake Gyllenhaal’s career with his portrayal of the unstable Donnie, who has paranoid schizophrenia.

Looking for shelter (2011)

Take Shelter is a sophisticated and totally engaging character study starring Michael Shannon as a calm family father who fears a storm is coming. Nightmares and hallucinations give him a sixth sense, and he frantically sets out to build a storm shelter. He, like everyone else, questions his reality because of a family history of schizophrenia. Is his paranoia justifiable, or just a destructive force of mental illness?

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