Do you want a successful side job? Try one of these trending business ideas

A part-time job is becoming increasingly popular and easier to achieve in the modern digital age. While there are countless side activities that people can take advantage of, there may be a few opportunities that are more lucrative than others.

When you’re looking for your next idea for an extra buzz, it helps to get inspiration from individuals who have successfully started and grown their own business. Below, members of Council for Young Entrepreneurs each shares an afterthought they think will be popular for years to come and why each is such a good opportunity.

1. Virtual Assistant Services

The world is moving towards virtual work and businesses, which means there will be a need for all kinds of online assistants. With so many people working from home, there is a growing demand for help with administrative and organizational tasks. In fact, we have many online courses that focus on training virtual assistants for various industries such as health, education, and digital marketing. For those looking for a field to transition into freelance or a side job while still employed, this area holds the promise of an upward trajectory. Virtual assistant work will be lucrative as soon every industry will feel the need to hire virtual help. – Tonika Bruce, Lead Beautiful, Inc.

2. Data Analysis

Data analytics will grow in popularity in the coming years as more companies become data-driven. Collecting and storing data is just one part of being data-driven. You also need to be able to crack the numbers and turn them into actionable information you can rely on to make business decisions. Demand for those skills will grow every year going forward, but it doesn’t make sense for every company to hire one or more full-time data analysts. Instead, it’s a skill that data experts can turn into lucrative sideline businesses or full-time freelancing. They can even use their skills to fulfill a variety of roles, from building data sets to providing analytical reports and interpreting data. The ball will be in their courts, as it is for developers today. – Jonathan Prichard,

3. Digital art

An afterthought that is growing is creating digital art and selling it on non-traditional spaces such as social media platforms and in the form of NFTs. I think this will continue to be popular because it’s a way for people to show their creative side. Another reason this is a growing afterthought is that it is a new and decentralized way of selling art, which provides more opportunity and control for the artist. Finally, I think it will be popular because it is a fun way to earn some extra money. – Syed Balkan, WPBeginner

4. Website and App Testing

Many people get into the online business model by creating their own websites and apps. I believe that testing websites and apps will be a very popular sideline in the future. Entrepreneurs would want to spend their time devising strategies to grow their business rather than testing the links and pushing all the buttons. This is where testers come in; they can test the site or app for them and get paid in the process. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable shapes

5. Self-sufficiency Activities

Return to basics such as farming, DIY and handicrafts. The pandemic has taught us to rethink our free time and appreciate the freedom we had. People appreciate more what they have built with their own hands or grown in their gardens. It can be a lucrative opportunity because they have the opportunity to be self-sufficient and take care of their community. – Alexandru Stan, tekpon

6. Streaming Online

One perk that I predict will be popular in the coming years is online streaming. Many people already use it to watch their favorite shows, but now they are starting to use it to make money. There are many reasons why streaming can be a lucrative opportunity for some people. For starters, it’s an easy way to make money doing something you enjoy. In addition, if you have enough followers on social media or YouTube, you can earn additional revenue from your content by partnering with brands and other influencers. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

7. Social Media Content Creation

I represent many business owners and we all struggle to come up with content for social media posts. These people, myself included, would pay an arm and a leg for creative types to come up with regular, engaging content and help us put the different versions of it on all the major platforms. It’s a lot of work and it has to be done by someone who works closely with the visionary so that messages are on-brand. I’ve seen a lot of creative entrepreneur types turn this into very profitable sideline businesses. They have regular meetings with the CEO, pitch various post topics and content, film and create the content, and then schedule the posts. Most CEOs don’t have the kind of time available, let alone the expertise, to do all of this, so they’re willing to pay a lot! – Jonathan Sparks, Spark law

8. Tasks

An afterthought that I see growing is a task. Taskers are people who can perform a single or multiple task for others. Tasking started to grow before Covid-19 hit, but many businesses went bankrupt when the lockdowns hit. Many similar companies are now sprouting. Taskers get big because you don’t have to hire a company for a longer period of time. There is a one-time commitment, but you can also hire the same person for other tasks if you like. This means that you can hire someone to clean your house instead of hiring a cleaning service on a regular basis. You can hire someone to clean out your garage or help you move a large piece of furniture. Many can pay for a one-off work event if they just need to get something done quickly. – Baruch Labunskic, Rank Safe

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