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DoorDash closes historic union deal for gig workers

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Food delivery technology company DoorDash has signed a groundbreaking agreement with the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) that sets safety and fairness standards for handymen.

Amid ongoing legal battles by global tech companies over the employment status of workers in the gig economy, the first-of-its-kind agreement between an Australian union and a delivery platform contains six core principles and aligns with enforceable industry-wide standards set by an independent body , for handymen.

Michael Kaine, national secretary of the TWU, said the agreement between the union and DoorDash has evolved over the course of several months and builds on the success of their 2020 Covid-19 agreement, which identified key pandemic protections for workers. fixed.

“We believe partnering with DoorDash is an important step in giving gig economy workers the rights and protections they deserve,” he said.

“Working together, the union and DoorDash have shown that with good negotiation and regulation, employees don’t have to choose between flexibility and appropriate labor rights and rights. This is the first step in protecting all employees, regardless of the label applied to them.”

Kaine said DoorDash won’t be the last company in the gig economy to understand the logic of industry-wide standards.

“The future of work should not lead to the loss of hard-won rights, but should mean greater prosperity for all of us. A single employee shouldn’t have to go through court in a hopelessly outdated system against a gig giant in a hopelessly outdated system causing them to fail – we need new laws to secure rights for all employees and this agreement paves the way for to deliver them,” he said.

“Raising standards and providing minimum rights across the industry is the best way to enable fair competition and market sustainability while ensuring that work is safe, secure and sustainable for all workers.”

DoorDash CEO Rebecca Burrows said the company has a role to play in advocating for independent workers

“Working through apps like DoorDash appeals to many people because it fits their lives and other commitments, but we need to ensure that independent workers can rely on clear standards and protections and access more benefits, without sacrificing autonomy and flexibility.” sacrifice those they value,” she said.

“We are delighted to be working constructively with the TWU and appreciate the decades of experience they bring to the advocacy of Australian workers, including independent contractors.

“We are optimistic that together we can develop a framework that will give employees the ability to choose the kind of work that suits them, and that will continue to give employees access to income when and how they want, as well as the assurance of new benefits and protections. . they deserve.”

The Declaration of Principles to Ensure Safety and Fairness for Workers in the On-Demand Economy says:

  1. Employees should not be prohibited from accessing appropriate employment rights and rights;
  2. Employees must have transparency;
  3. Employees should be given the opportunity to contribute to a collective voice;
  4. Employees must have access to dispute resolution processes;
  5. Appropriate resources should be allocated to ensure industry standards are set and enforced, and for driver education and training;
  6. Three-step approach to achieving regulation of the transport sector on demand.

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