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Do’s and don’ts of formatting your essay

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Many students don’t take formatting seriously. However, it is not something that teachers and instructors invented to make your life more difficult. Formatting is important. It is an integral part of an academic essay, and it is equally important to the content.

Therefore, the reference style has its unique, clear formatting requirements. They are carefully reviewed and regularly updated by the respective committees. These instructions are also the most important guidelines for: research paper service who work on student essays 24/7. However, essay writers argue that essays are often undervalued because of formatting errors.

So, if you’re a student looking for formatting advice, here are a few tips to improve your essay and make it look good and academically correct.

Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Formatting

If you’ve written an essay that you think is strong enough to submit to a professor, here are a few things to do ahead of time.

title page

A title page has its own formatting rules. They are often included in the reference style guide, so all you need to do is follow the instructions. Pay close attention, because the title page is the first thing a teacher sees when reading your document.

Try not to put everything on the title page that you think is important. The amount of information you are allowed to post on the main page is strictly limited. Don’t make up your own rules; just follow the established.

page numbers

Each referencing style is different from the other, and page numbers, headers, and other details take full advantage of these differences. The number is usually placed in the top right corner. Numbering starts from the first page, including the title page. However, it should not be placed on it.

Don’t try to add anything extra to these numbers or move them to the bottom of the page. Their location is not optional. You must follow academic reference rules.

Referring Pages

“Works Cited”, “References” or “Bibliography” – regardless of the title of the page, it must be made according to the requirements of academic references. Even a comma matters when you format this page. Please be considerate or ask for help in referencing to ensure the formatting is correct.

If you need to find a company to help you write, edit, or format your essay, we recommend checking customer reviews. For example, Essay Pro Review by NoCramming are almost excellent. They won’t make you doubt your options for a second.

Quotes in text

You need to make sure that anyone reading your paper understands that you studied the issue more deeply before writing about it. This effect is achieved by adding in-text references throughout the essay.

Don’t just leave the quotes or ideas you borrow unsupported with quotes. It is called plagiarism and is severely punished by teachers and academic staff. So don’t add another problem. Just learn how to format in-text citations and avoid plagiarism.


Margins are very important for formatting. Whether you print your essay or not, you can’t write from side to side just to take in more text. The gold standard for margins is one inch. This means you will need to leave more than an inch of blank space on each side, including the bottom and top.

Don’t ignore or ignore the margin issue. Corresponding rules are stated in each reference style, so show exceptional attention to detail.

Font and its size

Academic assignments clearly indicate which fonts may be used. Usually it is Times New Roman or similar. The font size is usually from 10 to 12, but it can depend on the command.

It is better not to confuse fonts or font sizes. It all looks awful when an essay is printed. A professor will also not be happy to see parts of the text that don’t match the rest of the writing.


The standards for distance are usually different. Sometimes instructors specify what space they expect to see. However, the text should not look too thick or too loose. That’s why it’s important to keep it within the limits of 1.15 to 1.5.

If you fail to equalize the spacing throughout the text, you risk losing some points for the entire essay. This is not difficult, but students often forget.


Normally it is not required to justify a text. However, it is still recommended as it makes the text look complete and final.

Professors do not see the justification of a text as an important criterion for formatting. However, if you want your paper to look good, consider this option.

To take off

Formatting is just as important to a teacher reading your essay as the content. They see the whole picture and cannot enjoy it if they see serious errors in the formatting.

Therefore, read the formatting instructions that are commonly published and changed, along with the other reference rules and requirements. All you need to do is follow them to perfection and your referral problem will be solved.

However, if you have any doubts about the quality and accuracy of your formatting, you can seek help from professional essay writers and editors.

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