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Easy ways to solve your streaming video problems

Easy ways to solve your streaming video problems

Every passing year brings us into a new technological phase, which comes with its own unique problems. A few decades ago, watching a video meant having a DVD player or at least a VCR, while now everything is just a click away.

All you need for video streaming is a stable internet connection and a gadget you can watch it on.

You can invest time in looking for: learn how to prevent Disney Plus from working, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Problems with streaming platforms can be annoying. Some days you have to deal with a slow internet connection, other days it’s your bandwidth refusing to stream your favorite show.

Many people deal with streaming issues, but not all of them understand that this can often be solved by making small improvements as discussed below.

So if you’ve also been dealing with streaming video issues, then it’s time to fix them once and for all. Let’s take a look at some recommended solutions.

1. Internet Check

Poor internet connection is the main reason for slow video streaming. In addition, the internet connection is stable at times, but due to the extraordinary burden of excessive users, it becomes problematic for smooth video streaming. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on bandwidth and internet speed to ensure uninterrupted video streaming. If there is a problem with the internet connection, one can look for other internet sources as a solution.

2. Video quality; Too good or too bad?

None of us are fans of poor quality videos, but sometimes it’s the only choice we have. High-definition videos can be a burden to your internet device and can definitely slow down its speed. You can’t deny that the experience of watching a video at 1080p quality is unparalleled, but watching the same video at 720p or 480p can provide continuous streaming.

3. Browser cache and cookie can slow down your system

Yes, have you ever wondered how Facebook knows what you are looking for? Well, the credit goes to cache and cookies. Cache and cookie data keep track of the sites you’ve visited, but if this data isn’t cleaned up and more data is added to it, your system will run slow. You should regularly clear your data by clicking the ‘Clear browsing data’ option in Google Chrome.

As also mentioned above, all technological advancements come with their unique set of problems. Viruses are a very serious problem in the IT field, and to deal with these viruses, the IT developers have created a number of antivirus software.

Sometimes these antivirus programs see the video or whatever streaming platform you are using as a risk to your system, thus interfering with the smooth streaming. Therefore, disabling the antivirus can be a solution for the streaming problems for now.

5. Let’s wait for the buffering

Sometimes all it takes is a little patience to make sure you can watch your video without any pauses. Let the buffering of the footage take its time and only play when it’s buffered enough. This way you avoid periodic breaks.

6. Update your system for its smooth operation

Another problem with advanced technology is that you have to keep it advanced. Updates in the system help improve the performance and get rid of the bugs that can hinder the smooth functioning of your device and enjoy watching popular shows and movies like the Oscar on your device

Outdated versions of applications and software can also be one of the reasons for slow streaming and can be solved by timely updates. And this leads us to our next problem in video streaming and its solution.

7. Update the graphics driver

All graphics components of your system are managed by the graphics driver, a built-in program in all systems. To avoid such streaming issues, one has to make sure that the graphics card driver is updated which can be done by following a very simple process.

All you need to do is click on “device manager” after clicking the home button. After that, one has to expand the “display adapters” option and click on “update driver”. Finally, the process ends with clicking “Search automatically for updated driver software”.


Watching videos has now become an essential routine, for various purposes like entertainment, cooking, education and whatever. And there are multiple reasons why we may experience issues with smooth streaming, some of which are mentioned above.

Fortunately, all these problems come with simple solutions. This is the art of technology. Problems arise, and in the search for viable solutions to these problems, new issues arise and so on. Follow these solutions and tips for uninterrupted and smooth video streaming.