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Eden Season 2 Release Date On Netflix, Renewed Or Canceled?

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Eden is Netflix’s first ONA or net original animation series (Japan Original mecha-science fiction anime) that premiered on May 27, 2021. Although it was said to be received with the public at the end of 2020, there was a postponement. The series, which consists of 4 episodes in total, falls into the genre of fantasy and science fiction. The series is based on a concept by Christophe Ferreira. It follows the discovery of a city and a human girl after a thousand years in the future that they thought were mere robots. The animation, which averages 25 minutes per episode, has also been adapted into a manga, but it’s not a manga or light novel adaptation. Qubic Pictures developed season 1 in collaboration with CGCG Studio. While Justin Leach (Ghost in the Shell 2) is the series creator, Kimiko Ueno wrote the screenplay and Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist) directed. Although Eden seems to be a different production than a traditional anime production, there was also interest from anime enthusiasts. So, has Netflix renewed the series for a second season

What is the storyline of Eden?

This production takes the audience thousands of years ahead. A period in which there is not the slightest sign of humanity. Humans have been replaced by robots and in this future, robots lead a lonely life on the planet. Or it’s just their opinion. Robots living in a mechanical city called Eden 3 work just like humans and sustain their lives. The main robots of the series go to another end of the city to get their daily work done. These robotic brothers are known for their maintenance and repair functions.

One day, two agricultural robots are confronted with an unexpected situation. They are very surprised when they see a creature they have never seen before, and they don’t know what to do. What they see is a newborn baby girl who hasn’t even come out of her capsule yet. The robots accidentally wake up a girl. They adopt the baby and the decision they make changes everything. A girl secretly raised by robots begins to discover the dark secrets behind the utopian world, where humanity is nearly destroyed. Together, the two robots secretly take the girl to a safe “Heaven” outside of Eden. Until now, robots have been filled with cruel information on behalf of humanity by their superiors. Therefore, they are quite surprised to see this little girl in front of them. But they realize that everything they had been taught that humans were a myth was wrong. As time goes by, they start to get attached to this girl. Named A37 and E92, these robotic brothers try to raise little girl Sara Grace out of sight.

The photo from @Netflix / YouTube – trailer

Will there be a second season of Eden?

Unfortunately neither of them NetflixNeither Qubic Pictures nor CGCG Studios have officially confirmed that Eden has been renewed for a second season† However, creator Justin Leach responded to a fan’s request on Twitter for Season 2, saying, “I’d love it! It’s in the hands of the fans now,” as many of Netflix’s original series rely on the ratings they can build on the streaming service.

eden justin leach tweet

cannon busters second season

Leach also stated that the Eden universe has plenty of opportunities to explore in future seasons. We know that the story can contain many different stories in this world. And if he had more episodes, he’ll focus a bit more on Sara’s development. We may see Sara’s future or past. If Netflix decides to extend Eden season 2, the show will air sometime between Spring and Fall 2022 on the major OTT platform.

Plus, we’ll likely learn more about Eden 3 in Season 2. We’ll also get to see how people behave now that Sara has given them another chance to live their lives. It was their past actions that had rendered the Earth nearly uninhabitable and led to its destruction. It could also get socio-political as different sects and people would once again develop opposing views, so Sara and Fields will have to keep them in check. Governance, religion, sexual orientation, gender issues and race could well become problems again in this brave new world.


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