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Elon Musk sounds alarm about Japan

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He is charismatic and unpredictable. His personality divides. Some people say he is the most innovative CEO of recent years. Others see him as a CEO who reflects a time when trends change as quickly as a short video on TikTok.

We call him everything: a ‘meme CEO’ and a ‘megalomania’. But Elon Musk has managed to get everyone to agree on one important thing: He’s filling a major leadership gap the world faces because people don’t trust political leaders.

Musk’s popularity has gone through the roof in recent months. Musk was able to gain millions of followers on Twitter (TWTR) in just a few weeks – Get Twitter, Inc. Report, which he calls the Internet’s “de facto town square”. This is good news for people who like numbers. At the time of writing, more than 91.5 million people follow him.

As a reminder, the entrepreneur who started many businesses is in the process of buying Twitter for $44 billion. So he would add more to a schedule that was already full – Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc. report, the SpaceX report, the The Boring Company report and the Neuralink report. Each of these is a global company. In some countries, Twitter and other social networks are often used by people who disagree with the government or belong to a minority group.

Japan will eventually cease to exist

So Musk seems happy with his newfound status. He now speaks out on almost all economic, political and geopolitical issues. He does this because he knows that his voice has an effect and can start a debate or bring a certain topic to the attention. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, Musk has just started talking about something else happening around the world.

The billionaire, whose net worth was estimated at $247 billion by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index on May 7, is concerned about the declining number of people living in Japan.

Musk wrote on Twitter on May 7: “At the risk of saying the obvious, Japan will cease to exist if nothing changes to make the birth rate higher than the death rate.” “The world would lose a lot from this happening.”

The billionaire cried out in panic after reading a comment to an article stating that Japan’s population was still declining.

The Whole Mars Catalog account tweeted to Musk: “Japan’s population will drop by a record 644,000 to 125.5 million by 2021.

Many people on Twitter seem to fear the tech mogul. For example, they point out that Japan’s population has been shrinking for years.

One user said, “It’s true, and it’s something to worry about.” “Japan is so important to the rest of the world that we need it not only to stay alive, but to do well. Hundreds of millions of people around the world love, respect and admire the Japanese people very much.”

We who are of working age are trying hard to get away from this pain. We appreciate that you care about Japan. It’s a lot of hope,” wrote another user.

“Japan will become extinct if nothing happens to cause Japanese parents to kidnap their children. “This would be a great loss for the whole world,” said a second person.

‘Second Child Wall’

Official figures show that from 2020 to 2021, Japan’s population has declined by 644,000 people each year, from 127.5 million to 125.5 million. And 2021 was the eleventh year in a row that it got worse. If this is the biggest drop in a year, then the Japanese drop is nothing new.

Japan has had a major problem with declining birth rates for years. The distribution of births in Japan is well known. During the 20th century, the archipelago’s population grew very rapidly, from 55 million people in 1920 to 128 million people in 2008, when it was at its highest. On the back of this wave, Japan’s “economic miracle” took place, marking the first time in history that so much money was made. Above all, the numbers get dizzying after the war. In 1946, 4.5 children were born for every woman in Japan and 3.6 million babies were born that year.

Demographers say there has been a change since then that they call the “second child wall.” With the fertility index peaking at 1.4 children per woman instead of 2.1, the country can’t be sure that generations will keep coming. Many people say they would like to have two or three children, but most of the time they only have one because it costs too much.

Several governments have tried to stop this demographic crisis, which is caused by the fact that almost 30% of the population is already over 65 years old.

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