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Everything you need to know about Taryn Hatcher – Biography and Wiki

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Who is Taryn Hatcher?

Born on December 24, 1992 in Delran, New Jersey, USA, Taryn Hatcher is a sports reporter and broadcaster, best known for her work for NBC Sports Philadelphia. She is often seen as a sideline reporter, covering several Philadelphia professional sports teams, including the Sixers, Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers.

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Taryn Hatcher’s net worth

As of early 2020, Taryn Hatcher’s net worth is estimated at $500,000, earned through a successful career in sports journalism. She has worked with several companies and has been featured in local publications thanks to her popularity in sports broadcasting.

Early life and education

Taryn developed a strong love for sports at a very young age, especially thanks to her family who were big fans of all the Philadelphia teams as South Jersey is very close to where most of the Philadelphia games are held. She went to sporting events, live events and also watched sports at home. It was during this time that she discovered the work of sports reporters and aspired to the same career. She also became interested in army and navy games as her brother went on to study at the Naval Academy.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Rutgers University to study for a degree in broadcast journalism.

The university is one of the oldest and largest institutions of higher education in the country and was one of the original universities established during colonization. While there, she played with the college soccer team that competed in the NCAA Division III. She played central midfield and central defender, but after a knee injury she decided to stop playing.

Career start

While in college, Hatcher got her first job opportunity at the restaurant Chickie’s and Pete’s where she served as a waitress, which helped her earn extra income in addition to her allowance.

Taryn Hatcher

She also interned at iHeartRadio, where she worked for the station’s social media platforms and helped with production. The radio platform is known for its strong online presence and its extensive presence in the US. The service offers several podcasts, on-demand music, a recommendation system, and many other features.

She also interned with NBC Sports Philadelphia in a similar role, mostly in the background as part of the production. After graduating, she was offered a job in Hawaii News Now

This meant she had to move to the more tropical state, as HNN serves the state of Hawaii and is based in the capital, Honolulu. During her time there, she covered both local news and international news. She enjoyed the state’s atmosphere and accessibility to beaches and other tropical retreats, but she wanted to fulfill her dream of being immersed in the sports teams of her childhood.

Return to Philadelphia

In 2018, NBC Sports Philadelphia announced that they: hiring Taryn as a reporter and host for their various programs. She got the job easily thanks to her previous internship and her passion for sports teams in Philadelphia.

With her job, she started to beat the various teams that participated in major sports competitions in the area. These include the Philadelphia Flyers who compete in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL), the Philadelphia 76ers in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the Philadelphia Phillies who play in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Since joining the company, she does a lot of sideline reporting, often in reporting games, and has conducted interviews with many of the place’s professional athletes and employees.

In addition to the sports teams, she also occasionally covered other events for NBC, and as her popularity continued to grow, she found many other opportunities, including articles in local publications. She was covered by “Philadelphia Style” in an article that featured some of her favorite places in Philadelphia. She is also occasionally traveled abroad

Private life

Taryn is known to be in a relationship with Austen Freeborn. He is an auditor who previously worked for the Bank of America. The two have been together for several years and her social media shows them together during major events such as holidays.

In her spare time, she likes to watch her favorite sports teams in Philadelphia, even though she’s not there as a reporter. She mentions that the Eagles to win the Super Bowl was a bittersweet moment for her, as she was in Hawaii at the time of the event and unable to go home. However, she celebrated the fact that her home team won against a powerhouse that is the New England Patriots.

She’s also a supporter of local Philadelphia food and often goes back to her old workplace Chickie’s and Petes.

She also likes to eat soft pretzels, although the Philadelphia flavor is her favorite. Although she doesn’t exercise anymore, she makes a habit of going to the gym regularly and emphasizes the importance of challenging yourself physically and mentally. Her work in front of the camera also means that she has to make a conscious effort to look her best.

She is also a big fan of art and loves going to the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. Some of her favorite pieces are impressionistic, known for their detail and use of light.

She is also a big foodie and likes to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. In her spare time, she can often be seen in trendy boutiques or wine tastings.


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