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Find a good broker who offers reasonable Panamera insurance

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The Porsche car brand is a division of the Volkswagen Automotive Group† Porsche distinguished itself in motorsport, especially in endurance racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans 16 times between 1970 and 1998. The German manufacturer has a fairly wide range of models, each of which comes in different versions. If you have a Porsche Panamera, find an insurance company that insures Porsche collection vehicles up to the latest models.

The Panamara

In 1988, Porsche unveiled a sedan concept car: the 989. This one is broadly a harbinger of what will become the Panamera… 20 years later! The Porsche Panamera is exactly a bold model that has inspired many favourites. You may have just bought yours and we can only congratulate you. You have chosen the model from Stuttgart that best illustrates the marriage between passion and reason. Easy to deal with, pleasant to drive, powerful, this sedan is a true Porsche, although it also has its flaws. Nevertheless, you have found a Panamera that meets your specifications. It should now be insured.

Porsche Panamera

The brand’s most recent luxury sedan has managed to establish itself in a small market by showing great sports performance combined with plenty of space. Porsche has produced several models: Porsche Panamera S, Panamera 4, Panamera GTS…

And at this point, your usual insurer may have presented you with a quote for the astronomical amount. However, keep in mind that you have options. You can go to a company that specializes in insuring exceptional cars… Even the Porsche Panamera!

The advantages

You have expectations for the insurance of your Porsche Panamera. You want your insurer to consider the true value of your sedan in the event of a problem, not an unrealistic assessment. The Porsche second-hand market is particularly complex. That’s why good insurance companies take the time to study every car. When it comes to a Porsche, it’s best to do business with an insurer who conducts an in-depth investigation so that you are reimbursed in the most realistic and competitive manner in the event of a problem.

A good insurer

A good insurer will offer all-risk formulas that are adapted to the wishes of Porsches. Whether you choose a Panamera Diesel or a Panamera Turbo S, a good insurance company will also cover the repatriation of your sedan to the nearest Porsche garage, with no distance limit. As a car enthusiast, the Porsche insurer knows that in the event of a breakdown you can at least benefit from the expertise of a specialized Porsche garage. Unfortunately, when it comes to sports cars, it’s not uncommon for the meter’s speed needle to rise inversely with license points. Find an insurer that offers business leaders and the liberal professions the opportunity to take advantage of various benefits.

If you are used to taking your Porsche Panamera out on the weekend, for family rides and other matters, chances are that the annual mileage behind the wheel of your luxury sedan is low. Choose an insurer that can offer you a formula per kilometer, which saves you even more.

The options

Porsche vehicles that go beyond the sporty aspect and high-quality pleasure vehicles are also and very often a real passion for the owners. Your insurer should provide you with the best services for your vehicle and its insurance contract. They should also provide you with the best warranties for your vehicle and consultancy activities to tailor your insurance contracts to your profile and the use of your car. If you own or are considering purchasing a classic car or a prestige vehicle such as a Porsche, request an insurance quote and discover complete contracts with all-risk warranty and tailor-made options according to your expectations.


As soon as you have an insurance contract, you also benefit from a network of partners, both in the field of assistance for your vehicle, but also in the context of, for example, the windscreen replacement. Schedule a consultation with an agent today for a quote for Porsche Panama insurance.


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