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Five tips for judging the musical entertainment at your venue

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Venues that provide musical entertainment can really draw in crowds and it can potentially be the main source of income for a business. Even big companies like Target are recognizing the power of live music and have Beyonce and Taylor Swift playing during their manager meetings.

Unfortunately, negative audience reviews can undermine the experience at a location. What Causes Bad Reviews? Sometimes it is due to the poor quality of the music that the DJ is playing or the live band is performing. It may be that the music does not match the atmosphere of the room or that the volume was simply too loud. Chances are, the problem ultimately lies with your entertainment.

Here are five tips you can use to determine if the entertainment you rent is worth the return on investment:


Historical data and analysis about previous reservations, weather conditions and how “great” the artist is all help determine the success of any entertainment. Income is another. Check your sales figures every night. If they remain stable or increase, it is a sign that your entertainment is doing a great job. If they wane, you need to revise the talent you bring in. The artist must have enough followers to draw a break-even crowd. They also need to be able to “read” the audience and help them stay longer.

Complaints or compliments from the staff

If your staff complains about the noise or says the music is terrible, pay close attention. Pay attention to the body language of the servers and bartenders. If they seem uncomfortable, look embarrassed, or have no energy, the music quality may be affecting their mental state. That attitude can spread to the guests and sour their mood, making them not want to dance or order more food and drinks.

Audience Interaction

Observe your audience. If they’re engaged, you’ve got them. Whether they’re dancing on the floor or dancing subtly in their seats, enjoying the music of course, you’ve got them too. If not, see if they are at least smiling, laughing, or interacting. These are all indicators that your talent is helping to create a fun atmosphere.

Talent Buyer KPIs (Key Point Indicators)

A good talent buyer actively engages with artists on social media, attends local artist gatherings, attends competitor events, and visits your venue to monitor the atmosphere. It’s also a huge plus if the person booking your talent is also an artist and has skin in play.

Set lengths and pauses

Keep in mind that local artists also host their friends, and it’s fine if they leave the stage to engage their fans. They should try to communicate with their audience and the set. What’s not good is if they’re constantly on their phones and taking too many breaks (especially if they’re taking more than they play).

Closing Thoughts

Finally, always remember that entertainment, musical or otherwise, is a key factor in your business. Keep track of some stats to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. You want your customers to leave satisfied and come back. Reviews and word of mouth mean everything. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

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