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For students still stuck in the high school mindset, the attitude is already dropping

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Shreya Christina
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Ever since I was young I’ve been told I’m “mature beyond my age”. However, I don’t think I ever really noticed it that way until the end of high school/early college.

Very few of my friends growing up were where I was mentally. Unfortunately, many of them today are still stuck in that high school mindset.

When you’re an adult, you don’t suffer from drama.

I see a lot of drama happening between a lot of people my age, my question is, how? Why? I’m not talking about serious drama, I’m talking about the petty little things we all argued about in high school.

Girls, come on, it’s time to drop the little b**** attitude and act like adults already.


That is, we shouldn’t publicly shame each other, start fights online, and act like mean high school girls not the movement. It’s extremely frustrating to act so old and the people around you can’t even follow your conversations.

Girls can be mean, they judge, judge no matter what, especially when they have their noses in the air like they’re still cocky little high schoolers. It would just be nice if more girls my age acted like this and grew up.

You can’t keep living in the past if you want to improve your present.

Guys aren’t as petty as girls, but there are many who still try to subtly go back in time. I’ve found it easy to be “the man” in high school, popular, some might say, “in your prime,” but once that’s over they don’t know how to behave.

You go to college, you’re a freshman again, nobody really knows you, you don’t get the attention you used to.

The same thing happens with sports. I see a lot of guys post their highlights from high school and they’re juniors in college, now I don’t hate it here, I miss sports too.

What I’m trying to get at though is, OK, great, you were a baller, we get it. If you miss it now, go back!

Nothing will happen for you if you sit on the couch and post three-year-old videos of your touchdowns to your story.

Everyone likes to reminisce about the past, and if high school was the best years of your life – so be it. I’m just saying you can do that without pretending to be a high school kid again.

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