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Ford files patent application for remote engine speed system

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Ford is developing a new technology that will allow car owners to run their engines remotely, perhaps using a key fob, according to a patent application noted by 7th Mustang and other Ford enthusiast sites.

The patent was filed on November 3, 2020 and published on May 5, 2022, according to Ford Authority† According to the application, the technology would allow car owners to run their engines using a “user-operated input device” and without having to press the accelerator pedal. The vehicle’s engine can be turned on “at various distances from the vehicle”, in other words, remotely.

This seems like an idea generated almost exclusively for car enthusiasts. The ability to trigger a dramatic engine growl at the touch of a button, even when I’m outside the vehicle, isn’t something I’d normally associate with a buttoned-up company like Ford.

The Detroit automaker and its brethren have largely been sidelined, while Silicon Valley companies like Tesla have garnered all the media attention for their nontraditional — and often irreverent — approach to new vehicle features. For example, Tesla’s Boombox mode can broadcast custom audio to the outside of the car, including fart sounds.

Ford isn’t ready to go so far as to turn its vehicles into rolling whoopee cushions. But this patent filing indicates that the company is trying to think outside the box when it comes to new features meant to make its customers happy.

As noted by Ford Authority, the company has filed a number of patent applications aimed at enthusiasts in recent months, including a drift mode and a remote parking feature. A remote engine running feature would probably be a huge hit for owners who attend car shows and want to show off their car’s engine sounds without having to go inside every time.

Of course, a patent application does not necessarily mean that Ford is about to install this technology in all of its vehicles. Patent applications are easy to file, but difficult to get approved.

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