Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Event Lets Me Fulfill My Dreams Of Being A Super Saiyan

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Shreya Christina
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When we were kids, my friends and I played a game we called “Be whoever you want,” pretending we were our heroes from video games, TV shows, and movies. Goku, Vegeta or others Dragon Ball characters were a popular choice – we’d imagine we could fly great distances and launch powerful Kamehameha beams to “fight” each other. Many years later, thanks to Fortnite’s new ones Dragon Ballthemed event that started Tuesday, I have been able to fulfill those childhood dreams of feeling like a real Super Saiyan.

In my first match after installing the new update, I yelled to Kame Housean iconic location from the franchise added to the Fortnite Map. Dressed as Goku, I floated to the house and watched another player talk to Bulma. But the player soon spotted me and started charging up a Kamehameha, which I was sure would spell my demise.

A Fortnite character firing a Kamehameha beam.

I tried to avoid being blasted by this.
Image: Epic Games

In a valiant effort to protect myself, I ducked for cover in Kame House and grabbed a weapon, but the other player’s beam started destroying the walls around me. I ran and grabbed another Kamehameha item I found on the floor. Another player had beaten my attacker, so I was safe for now, but I saw another opponent coming my way.

I decided it was time to use my own Kamehameha for the very first time. As Goku, in his iconic yellow Super Saiyan hair, charged the energy blast in a agonizing few seconds as Goku slowly shouted, “Kaa… may… haa… may… ha!!!” On the last “ha”, I/Goku sent out a huge blue energy blast and immediately knocked out the other player.

I couldn’t celebrate my victory for too long another player started attacking me. I grabbed a nearby Nimbus Cloud and jumped on it to fly away from danger, and to my surprise and delight the Nimbus Cloud sounded exactly as it does in Dragon Ball.

Goku flies on the Nimbus Cloud over Fortnite Island.

Flying on the Nimbus Cloud was even more fun than I expected.
Image: Epic Games

It all started with a thrilling competition in which I flew from place to place across the map, launching Kamehamehas at my enemies with reckless abandon. I wasn’t alone; all over the Fortnite island, I saw other players flying through the air on Nimbus Clouds and summoning Kamehameha Rays to try and defeat their opponents. It was like everyone was playing “Be Whoever You Want” next to me – an illusion aided by the many, many crossover characters you can embody while playing Fortnite.

Sadly, I didn’t get the royale win, but I can’t wait to jump back into it already. I will do anything to get into a Kamehameha battle with another Super Saiyanjust like I did as a kid.

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