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Fortnite’s latest live event was a massive mech battle

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There was a huge battle today in Fortnite‘s most recent live event – featuring a massive mech, as well as some hints of what to expect from the game’s next season. If you missed the rollercoaster-like experience, check out what happened in the video above.

Before the event got off to a good start, players were transported to what looked like a frozen space station, where they could pass the time by using massive weapons to clear out a series of asteroids orbiting the station while listening to characters like Agent Jones and The Origin bicker over a speaker. They were then given a mission: stop a powerful weapon that could wipe out all life on the island.

It turns out that space station actually housed a giant mech (one that looks oddly familiar), which made its way to the island to fend off the invading forces. Players did not control the mech itself, but took control of turrets to destroy tanks, zeppelins and other forces. The early stages of the event were much like a frenetic arcade game, albeit one with some wonderful cutscenes interspersed with the action, as well as the occasional quick-time event to do things like heal the mech or pull out a giant laser sword.

Eventually, the mecha went down, leading to a foot infiltration where Jones led players through a series of battles around the mysterious zero point, which was a focal point of Fortnite lore for years. This led to a showdown with Doctor Slone – who has seemingly become the game’s main antagonist – before the mech finally saved the day. The event ended with Jones and The Foundation — a character voiced by Dwayne Johnson — jumping into zero for… well, it’s unclear what exactly happened.

For now, players will have to wait to find out what’s next: Fortnite is currently down for next season. But there are a few hints about what to expect. At one point during the live event, Darth Vader made a brief appearance while battling Obi-Wan, and the current “to be continued…” loading screen shows what appears to be a forest full of luminescent plants. Fortnite developer Epic is meanwhile is currently streaming that loading screen with very chill music

Today’s event was just the latest in what has become a core part of the Fortnite experience. The one-off live events began with a rocket launch in 2018 and have since spanned everything from a battle with Galactus to an alien invasion to an all-consuming black hole. The current chapter of the game started with just such an event, when the entire Battle Royale island flipped last December.

FortniteThe next season – Chapter 3: Season 3 – is expected to start tomorrow.

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