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Fred Tillman: Untold Details About Top Gun Actress Kelly McGillis’ Ex-Husband

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Fred Tillman is a yacht salesman widely known as the ex-husband of an American actress Kelly McGillis. His wife, Kelly, is best known for her role in such films as Witness (1985), Top Gun (1986), Made in heaven (1987), The house on Carroll (1988), and The accused (1988).

Fred and his now ex-wife had a secret wedding at the time. He was the second husband of his then wife and their married life lasted almost 13 years. So, after their divorce, is Fred Tillman married again?

Well, to know all about Top Gun’s famous actress’ ex-husband, Fred Tillman, read the full article. This writing will explore the inside details about Fred including his age, career, Instagram, relationship with an actress, net worth and much more.

Kelly McGillis’ Ex-Husband Fred Tillman Bio: His Age and Wiki

Fred was born ‘Fred M Tillman’ in the month of June in 1948, in the United States of America. So as of 2022, he is a 74-year-old male. When Tillman rose to prominence as a famous ex-husband, few details are known about his childhood. However, he reportedly had a decent childhood in his hometown.

Likewise, in terms of education, he studied at American University. Speaking of his nationality, he is American and probably of white ethnicity.

Fred Tillman was a yacht broker

Kelly’s ex-husband Tillman is actually a yacht broker who used to work in Newport Beach, California in the 1990s. Later, after his marriage, the yacht broker moved to Key West, Florida, where he continued sailing. Unfortunately, in the meantime, he had to face a great loss.

In April 1996, the $1.5 million schooner Fred and his wife owned caught fire at a marina in Dania, Florida. The fire had started from the adjacent boat and eventually spread. Tillman and his two mates were on the board of The Centurion at the time and planned to sell it. But the flames destroyed it, but luckily none of them were injured.

However, Tillman’s plan to take his boat to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was cut short. Leading up to 2022, it is unknown whether Fred is in yachts or not.

Fred Tillman also had a restaurant

After moving to Key West with his wife, he joined another profession. He and his then wife opened a restaurant Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewerywhere the PAN American Airways ticket office used to be.

Their restaurant soon accelerated and used to be packed with locals and tourists. Well, the place continues to serve its customers for decades. in 2015, Keys Questioned Weekly the restaurant and spoke to his manager named Chuck Bryant, who said:

“We have been open for so long because we offer good service”,

In addition to being a yacht sailor and owner of eateries, he also worked as a marketing consultant during his career. Despite all this, his current professional ventures are not disclosed as he leads a private life.

Tillman was married to Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis

On New Year’s Eve, 1988the yacht broker is secretly married to the Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis in Los Angeles, California. After the marriage, the couple left the busy city and moved to Key West, Florida, where they settled their family life. When their secret marriage came out in public, Fred was dubbed a “complete Nobody” because he was out of the movie industry.

Fred Tillman and his ex-wife Kelly McGillis Ex-husband

On Calling Her Husband a ‘Complete Nobody’ His Then-Wife Kelly said,

“I’ve lived with actors and dated actors and personally I found it really boring,”

She further added,

“Your whole life is talking about work or the life of it, “I wanted something more than that. And I clearly met the right person and it really didn’t matter what he did. I do not give a hoot. He is great.”

The couple’s married life was in excellent shape. His wife at the time even left the film industry and started living with Fred as an ordinary man. But as time went on, their togetherness started to fall apart and the duo finally divorced after nearly 13 years in the year 2002.

Fred Tillman’s Ex-Wife Kelly Came Out As A Lesbian: She Later Married A Woman

In the year 2009, with the magazine called SheWired, she began to be a lesbian almost all her life. When Jeniffer magazine’s vlogger asked her if she wanted a relationship with a man or a woman, she said: “definitely a woman.”

Later on Sept. 2010Kelly is married to a woman named Malanie Leis.

Fred Tillman's ex-wife Kelly McGillis came out as a lesbian
Fred Tillman’s ex-wife Kelly McGillis entered civil union

The two joined a civil union at the Collingswood Municipal Court, in the chambers of Judge Robert T. Zane III. Among the 11 attendees at Kelly and Melanie’s wedding, Fred was also the one who showed his presence in his ex-wife’s decision to accept who she really was.

Will Fred Tillman be married in 2022?

After the divorce from his famous wife, Fred definitely lives a private life. He has barely appeared in public. So it’s really hard to say about his current relationship status. Judging by his Facebook account which was active until 2019, it appears he was not engaged to anyone by then.

But we cannot rule out the possibility that he has been in a relationship with someone for the past 3 years. In case you didn’t know that Fred’s partner Kelly was previously married twice, first to Boyd Black from 1979 to 1981.

Fred Tillman is a father of two

From his marriage to his actress wife, Fred fathered two daughters named Kelsey Tillman and Sonora Tillman.

Speaking of his daughters in detail, his first child Kelsey was born on May 24, 1990, making her 32 years in 2022. She is a very secretive person and avoids the spotlight as much as possible. She is on Facebook showing her interest in singing.

Likewise, Fred’s second daughter Sonora was born on April 10, 1993. In 2022 she will be 29 years old. She worked as a bartender at her parents’ restaurant Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery. She is also an LGBTQIA+ lawyer.

Fred Tillman is a grandfather

At the moment, both his daughters are adults. His eldest daughter, Kesley, appears to be having a child, but the exact information about him is unknown. But, Fred’s younger girl, Sonora is a mother. She has two children with her ex-partner named DJ Wood Atlas Owen Woodborn March 19, 2016and Harlow Woodborn February 14th, 2019.

Fred is also grandpa
Fred Tillman’s youngest daughter Sonora and her children. Source: His daughter’s Instagram

In 2022 he will probably enjoy being a grandfather to 6 year old and 3 year old grandchildren.

He is on Facebook

Kelly’s ex-husband Fred has an account on Facebook with 313 friends. He last posted on his FB account in March 2019. Before that, he often shared emotional messages and also uploaded some of his personal photos and moments.

Except for Facebook, he is not active on Instagram and Twitter.

Net Worth of Fred Tillman

He was a yacht broker and owned a boat worth $1.5 million. He is also a restaurant owner. So no doubt he has enough money to live a luxurious life. However, when we went through various media, we could not find his net worth.

On the other hand, his ex-wife Kelly McGillis has a fortune of $4 million.


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