Saturday, September 23, 2023

Friday’s top tech news: unexpected price cuts at Tesla

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A Tesla Model Y on display at a trade show.
A Tesla Model Y at a recent trade show. | Photo by Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Plus more information on the ongoing Royal Mail cybersecurity incident and a fun new Nvidia feature.

After months of incremental price hikes, Tesla seems to be turning things around with some massive price cuts. With Tesla disbanding its PR department, no official reason for the cuts was given, but the company’s recent disappointing financial performance could provide some clues.

Elsewhere, the British postal service Royal Mail continues to deal with an ongoing cyber incident, which now appears to be a ransomware attack. The courier says it is currently unable to send deliveries abroad and warns customers to hold on to their packages for the time being.

And finally, Nvidia has released an interesting new feature for use with its graphics cards that makes it look like you’re looking into your camera when your eyes are actually on something else. It’s beta software and a little buggy in our experience, but for the low, low price of “free” (well, technically I think “included in the price of an Nvidia GPU”), it’s worth giving it a shot. to play.

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