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‘Ghost Recon Breakpoint’ will no longer receive updates

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Ubisoft says: Ghost Recon Breakpoint will no longer receive content updates, leaving the tactical shooter essentially frozen in time. In recent months, the developers have added a mode called Operation Motherland and a lot of items. In total, Ubisoft has released 11 content updates for Breakpoint. The publisher will love the servers for both that game and its predecessor Ghost Recon Wildlands online for the foreseeable future.

breaking point was not well received when it was released in October 2019. Ubisoft quickly went into damage mitigation mode in the weeks following release to fix some bugs and stability issues. The game is perhaps best known today for being the home of Ubisoft’s first rollout of NFTs (non-exchangeable tokens).

In December, the publisher announced plans to add NFTs (although he calls them “Digits”) to its games through the Quartz platform. The news was not well received by players or employees, many of whom expressed concern about the environmental impact of NFTs and accused Ubisoft of trying to milk more money from consumers.

breaking point was the first target of the NFT project. Ubisoft gave away Figures to players, including rifle skins with small, barely noticeable serial numbers. players not done exactly flocking to buy them on secondary markets, though. A Ubisoft executive claimed in January that players would be able to take advantage of a secondary market for in-game items, “but they won’t get that for a while.”

“Thanks to all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players who have claimed their first numbers,” a message on the Quartz site. “You own part of the game and made your mark in its history. Since the last figure for Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released 3/17/2022, stay tuned for more feature updates for the platform and future drops with other games!”

Initiate development breaking point to an end at this point is not a huge surprise. It wasn’t exactly designed to last for years as a live service title, and Ubisoft is known for releasing sequels to its core franchises.

However, the move will affect the perceived value of breaking point‘s NFTs. It is unlikely that interest in breaking point will increase in the future, making it more difficult for Digits owners to sell them. Holders of the NFT items also cannot transfer them to other titles, leaving them in possession of in-game goods of little real value.

Despite breaking point is on life support, the Ghost Recon brand isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Back in October, Ubisoft announced a free-to-play battle royale title called Ghost Recon Frontline.

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