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God Of High School Chapter 543 READ MANGA and Release

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God of High School is a webtoon created by Yonge Park. It has been serialized by Naver Corporation on Naver Webtoon since April 2011. As of April 2020, Imageframe collects and publishes the different chapters under its Root label into a single volume. In July of 2014, Line Webtoon published its English version.

It also received a mobile game and an original net animation short, both of which were tied to the original soundtrack of the aforementioned game. From July to September 2020, MAPPA aired an anime television series adaptation.


The revolves around 17 year old Mori-Jin Mori a Taekwondo expert in Seoiul South Korea. He enters “The God of High School,” a fighting event where the winner gets whatever they desire. The action of God of High School takes place in three different realms: the Human Realm, which is populated by people.

The Demon Realm is also known as the Sage Realm. Here live mythical creatures, spirits, and monsters like Dragons, Minotaurs, and Phoenixes, as well as the heavenly world, which is populated by great gods such as the Jade Emperor, Micheal the Archangel, and Hercules.

Humans, devils, and gods coexisted on Earth at the birth of time. The gods created the “Borrowed Power” system, so that weak people may borrow their powers and defend themselves against demons that wished to rule over them.

The gods divided the humans, demons, and gods among the three Realms shortly after the demons were defeated. Borrowed Power can now be used freely by humans, but it cannot be used to attack gods.


God Of High School Chapter 527


Where to Read God High school Chapter 543 Online?

However, when released, the chapter will be available for free on websites such as Webtoon, Gohmanhwa, and the official God of High School website. Alternatively, you may simply download Line Webtoon and look for God of High School.

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