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Gomorrah Season 5: Complete Details To Fans Of The Series

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Gomorrah Season 5 is a famous Italian television series under the genre of crime drama which was illustrated by Roberto Saviano. The content of the series was taken from the book with the same title. The first season of the series was aired on 6 May of 2014 on Sky Atlantic which belongs to Italy.

Till now we have seen four seasons of the series and the upcoming season is the final season of the series. This was concluded by the creators of the series Gomorrah. There was a surprise trailer of the new season of the series which was released recently.

Premiere Dates Of Each And Every Season

– The first season of the series was premiered on 6 May of 2014 and aired till 10 June of 21014 with the combination of 12 episodes
– The second season of the series was premiered on 10 May of 2016 and aired till 14 June of 2016 with the combination of 12 episodes
– The third episode of the series was the combination of 12 episodes which was premiered on 17 November of 2017 and aired till 22 December 2017
– The fourth season was premiered on 29 March of 2019 aired till 3 May of 2019 with the combination of 12 episodes
– The final season of the series was premiered on 19 November of 2021 with the combination of 10 episodes

Trailer Of The Final Season Showed The Main Cast

As we all have seen the trailer before the release of the final season it gave clarity that the min cast Ciro was still alive. Ciro was tired to clear all her enemies. The trailer was shown by many bomb blasts and guns.

A Short Glimpse On The Plot Of Gomorrah Season 5

The content of the series deals with Naples in the year 2010. The series mainly concentrated on the Secondigliano. The sudden twist was given by the arrest of Pietro.

Ciro and Gennaro combined and found their family with many ups and downs. Watch the fifth season of the series to know what happened at last about Naples. As this is one of the big series there are many cast who were involved in the series.

Main Cast And Crew From Gomorrah Season 5

• Salvatore Esposito performed a character as Genny Savastano
• Marco D’ Amore performed a character as Ciro Di Marzio
• Ivana Lotito performed a character as Azzurra
• Cristiana Dell’ Anna performed a character as Patrizia
• Alessandro Palladino performed a character as O’ Belle’ Bbuono
• Fortunato Cerlino performed a character as Pietro Savastano
• Roberto Oliveri performed a character as Ronni
• Fabio De Caro performed a character as Malammore
• Giovanni Buselli performed a character as Capastorta
• Riccardo Ciccarelli performed a character as Nicola
• Vincenzo Fabricino performed a character as Pitbull
• Christian Giroso performed a character as O’ Cardillo
• Gianni Spezzano performed a character as Fernando
• Francesco Verde performed a character As Domenico
• Marco Palvetti performed a character as Salvatore Conte


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