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Google Pixel First Smartwatch Expected Launch Date, Features and Price?

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Google Pixel First Smartwatch Updates: Pixel Watch Rumors: Expectations for Google’s First Smartwatch and there is no official guarantee from Google. We are waiting for it!

“ Jon Prosser who is currently in the industry says the watch will finally arrive on May 26th. He says it’s the first time we’ve seen a firm date, although we heard that last year when reports indicated a launch near the Pixel 6.”

We still don’t know much about the Pixel Watch’s features, price, processor, and more, but here’s what we’ve heard so far.

Google already owns Fitbit and develops Android wearable software, but doesn’t have its own smartwatch. That could change this year, however, as reports and rumors suggest the Pixel Watch will arrive in Spring 2022.

Therefore, Google’s position in the smartwatch market is similar to its previous position in the smartphone industry before the launch of the first Pixel phone and they recalled one. Nexus line in front.  Google’s ties to Android (and Fitbit, in this case) are giving the industry a major boost. But other than its device, it doesn’t really have a place in the market like its competitors.

Despite  Pixel Watch rumors circulating over the years, many details remain unclear about Google’s reported plans for its smartwatch. Still, we can say a lot about Google’s approach to smartwatches based on its new version of Wear OS. and the acquisition of Fitbit.

 Here’s what we can see on Google Pixel First Smartwatch

Pixel Watch could launch in 2022

According to insiders, Google could launch the Pixel Watch this year. The device could launch in the spring, but that may change depending on how internal testing is conducted, according to the report.YouTuber Jon Prosser also shared that the Pixel Watch will launch on May 26.

When Google gets down to spring launch, there’s a chance we’ll see the Pixel Watch make it to their I/O conference. This event is widely considered to be Google’s biggest and is usually held in May. Google often uses these events to announce new products and updates, although it usually saves on computer hardware like Pixel phones, Pixel Buds, and new Nest products during the fall.

Google Pixel Watch Price Estimates 

How Much Will Google Pixel Watch Cost?

Not as much as the Apple Watch, if we had to guess. There aren’t many costs for the Google Pixel Watch leaks, but we’ll put it in the mid-range price range. The Apple Watch Series 7 and Galaxy Watch 4 start at $399 and $249 respectively, so we can expect Google to try to go down on price with these two watches.

It might not be the cheapest option on store shelves but could fall in the $200-$350 price range depending on the size and variability of LTE. Also, these are just speculations based on what we know about Google’s pricing strategy for all of its hardware components. However, Insider reports that the watch will cost more than the Fitbit.

Google Pixel Watch Wear OS

This is not surprising, but Google will integrate its Wear OS platform into the Pixel Watch. But what can the software do differently or better?

Popular  Wear OS features on third-party smartwatches from TicWatch and Fossil include continuous heart rate monitoring via Google Fit, free Google Touch payment, and free access to Google Assistant and Google’s Smartwatch Store. Previously, these features weren’t available in Wear OS bugs, but the new version of Wear OS worked flawlessly on the Galaxy Watch 4.

We should have a better idea of ​​what  Wear OS  looks like without the built-in user interface from Samsung when the new Wear OS-ready smartwatches are updated in early 2022.

The insider report, on the other hand, suggested that the Pixel Watch would have basic features like step counting and heart rate monitoring. He also said that Google’s acquisition of Fitbit could lead to some form of integration between Fitbit and Wear OS; The build is said to be called “Nightlight”.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch can beat Apple Watch at its game, but it requires a lot of engagement from Google and other deadly features. That includes an excellent intuitive  Wear OS experience and a wide range of great apps.

Google also needs to put Google Assistant and its advantages over Siri in the palm of your hand, while allowing for seamless integration with other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar.

When it comes to health tracking, the Pixel Watch needs to leverage your Fitbit purchases and create more wearable features than the Apple Watch sensor and running track.   Fitbit Daily Fitness Score and Active Zone Minutes are two great features.

Finally, the Pixel Watch needs a competitive price to stand against Apple’s watch.


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