Friday, September 29, 2023

Google Search’s built-in timer and stopwatch are back

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Shreya Christina
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Google’s handy timer and stopwatch that you can use right from Search have returned. The tools haven’t been available for weeks, but Danny Sullivan, a Google public search officer, announced the timer was back in a tweet on Wednesday.

To use the timer, just type “set a timer for” [however long you need]”, and the best result is a timer that starts counting down automatically. To change the timer, click on the numbers that count down. To use the stopwatch, Google “stopwatch” and click the “start” button on the box that appears. You can also switch back and forth between the timer and the stopwatch if one of them is already in your search results.

Google first introduced the timer and stopwatch in 2013but reports indicated they disappeared from search results sometime mid july. On August 1, Sullivan confirmed in a tweet to The edge that they were unavailable due to a “problem” and that the team expected to bring them back “quite soon”. Now that they’re back, you can time things to your heart’s content again.

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