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Google Search’s new oft-cited label helps you find the source of a story

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Shreya Christina
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Google is adding a new label to search results that often come from other publications, the company announced today. Everything from local news stories to interviews, announcements and even press releases is eligible for the new label that will be added to the search result preview image, as long as other websites link to it. More information will also be added to Search’s “Fast-Evolving Topics” and “About This Result” posts.

The search giant hopes the oft-cited label will help highlight the original coverage, which can contain important context that is removed when a story is picked up on a larger scale. But it should also be handy to find press releases, where you can get information directly from companies themselves. Google says it hopes the label will help readers find “the most useful or relevant information for a news story.” It will launch ‘soon’ in the US on mobile for English-speaking users and will launch globally ‘in the coming weeks’.

In addition to the much-cited label, Google is expanding its efforts to help search users critically evaluate the results they see. The notification that appears on searches related to “rapidly evolving topics” will now remind users to check if a resource is trusted, or simply tell them to come back later when more information is available. This change is launching today for English searches in the US. It also implements improvements to the ‘About this result’ feature announced last year (providing more context about each website in search results), in the coming weeks.

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