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Google won’t shut down Stadia

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Contrary to what you may have heard in recent days, Google says it is not shutting down its Stadia gaming service. The company released the statement after a rumor circulated earlier this week that suggested the platform would be shut down later this year. “Stadia won’t shut down”, the official Stadia Twitter account in a tweet . “Don’t worry, we’re always working to bring more great games to the platform and Stadia Pro.”

Some Stadia fans were convinced that Google would finally pull the plug after Cody Ogden of Killed by Google, a and who keeps up with the company’s ever-growing graveyard, shared a post from a Facebook fan group. According to the post, an “old colleague and friend” shared the poster Google had recently kept discussing the future of Stadia — or lack thereof. They claimed that the company would shut down the platform by the end of the summer and do so using the same strategy it used.

At the time, the only comment was Ogden, offered in the mail was a . However, that wasn’t enough to stop the rumor sending much of the Stadia community, , in free fall. To his credit, Google responded to the episode .

That even a thin rumor caused a stir in the Stadia community is not surprising. The service has been on an extensive deathwatch since Google. The incident highlights the unhealthy parasocial relationships that people can sometimes have with tech companies like Google. “Communities that are confident in their survival are not responding like some of the things that have been thrown at me in public and in DMs in recent days,” Ogden said after the dust settled. “If even the suggestion that a piece of technology might disappear touches you so deeply that it threatens you, maybe you should re-evaluate your relationship with the technology?”

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