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Great Pretender Season 3: Is It Happening or Not?

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As of November 2021, Netflix has yet to renew the anime series Great Pretender for a third season, and fans are starting to wonder if season 2 was the last time they saw fresh content from the series.

Of course, because there have been no statements regarding a cancellation, we can, for the most part, be confident that the show will return in the future. Furthermore, with just enough story substance for a complete third season, we can confidently predict that the Netflix original series will be renewed.

Even still, Netflix has yet to greenlight Great Pretender season 3, and you’re undoubtedly wondering when season 3 will be released. We’ve got some fairly strong guesses down there.

Season 3 premiere date for The Great Pretender

Season 3 of The Great Pretender will most likely be released in 2022. It allows producers enough time to create new episodes while also allowing Netflix enough time to build anticipation for the impending release with exciting teasers and trailers.

Hopefully, this 2022 season 3 estimate is right, but we’ll have to wait for additional information to find out for sure.

While we wait for Netflix to make a decision on the series’ future, you may view earlier seasons of Great Pretender right now on Netflix.


Excellent Pretender Evaluation

The first thing the viewers will notice in Great Pretender is how beautiful and eye-catching the anime’s aesthetics are. With a vibrant colour palette that contributes to an upbeat animation. Furthermore, the music for the anime is highly upbeat. Moving on, the plot revolves around Makoto, who was unintentionally thrust into the world of con-artistry. That is, until he becomes entangled in a broader con scheme.

Each storey arc centres on a different character, with the first arc focusing on Makoto Edamura (voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi), who sets the tone for the entire storey. Later in the series, we see the second storey arc, which focuses on Abigail Jones (voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara). Following that, Cynthia Moore is the focus of the third storey arc (voiced by Mie Sonozaki). Finally, the final storey arc focuses on Laurent Thierry (voiced by Junichi Suwabe).

 The Plot:

Instead of solving crimes, Great Pretender spends his money on committing new ones. Consider it an anime version of Ocean’s 11. Across its plot arcs, we go from bright, liberal Los Angeles to the traditional cobblestoned streets of Parisian France. Makoto, as previously said, is not an aspiring man. Just a guy with a fantastic sleight of hand and a penchant for illegal activities.

When Makoto pickpockets the incorrect man, Laurent Thierry, he ends up duping a Hollywood producer. You should see similarities when Danny Ocean hires Linus Caldwell at this point. In Great Pretender, however, instead of duping Andy Garcia, the owner of a casino, they try to sell a can of sweets to a Hollywood movie mogul.

Where Can I See Great Pretender?

Great Pretender is a Netflix original. While it was initially shown by Fuji TV in Japan, the streaming giant took it up for global distribution. As a result, it is not available on specialised platforms like Funimation or Crunchyroll. Fortunately, Netflix is a widely available platform. And for a relatively low cost, you can have ad-free access to a massive database of not only anime, but movies, series, and documentaries from any device.



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