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Grow your business by creating a podcast

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Promotion and scaling are all part of starting a successful business venture. Today, creating a podcast is a highly effective, yet often overlooked, way to creatively promote and scale your business.

Podcasts are currently one of the most widely used forms of media, with an estimated 177 million Americans listens to podcasts regularly, and the industry is only expected to continue to grow in the coming years. And with an almost endless list of potential topics and niche topics to cover, any business executive can easily create a successful podcast to help grow their brand.

Just started

Leaders and professionals who are laser-focused on building their business from the ground up may also not know the first thing about building a podcast. Many resources out there get to the core of getting your voice heard. However, the basics are simple and very reminiscent of the tactics used when starting a new business.

For example, targeting a particular niche for your business is just as important as it is for your podcast. Make sure the topic of your podcast is relevant to your business and focus on getting your audience to subscribe and listen to it. Some great places to start include creating a memorable name, graphic design for advertising and social media, and music for your podcast’s intro and outro. Next, gather all the necessary equipment, which can be as simple as making sure you have a good microphone and a relatively soundproof location to record in.

Building community and business influence

Building influence and a community that enthusiastically supports your brand is critical in today’s social media-driven business environment, and podcasts create the perfect environment for influence and community building. Podcasting has an intimacy that cannot be found on social media or in other forms of content. Very often people cite learning new things, relaxing or just being entertained as reasons to listen to podcasts. This may sound like traditional radio, but unlike radio, listeners can control when and how they listen to specific podcasts, as well as what information they want to hear from them.

In addition, many podcasts are supported through sponsorship or crowdfunding sources such as Patreon. These resources give the brand or company community a way to source and support their favorite shows.

Why quality matters

When you want to build a new podcast or improve an existing one for your business, quality should be supreme. Good sound technology, exciting topics or guests, and a professional presentation are key factors in the ultimate success or failure of a podcast. Business professionals should build their podcasts the way they built their brand: with a view to giving people a quality product that they want to experience time and time again.

Big businesses

Podcasts can provide businesses with ways to scale quickly, as they serve as another branch of the business itself. For example, studies show that podcast ad spend could reach $1.7 billion by 2024. Some podcasts have even turned into television shows or made their hosts a star celebrity.

Succeeding in podcasting alone takes a lot more than just putting up your casting grasshopper and hoping for listeners. Podcasts should be seen as an extension of your brand and treated as such, with the same focus on consistency in marketing and delivering a valuable, high-quality product or service to consumers.

Podcasts as free press passes

For business professionals, creating a podcast that listens find value can open a variety of doors, both figuratively and literally. For example, being recognized as a credible expert on your podcast’s topic will help you attend high-profile conferences and events that align with your business niche. Think of it as your “press card” for these events, which can then unlock a plethora of networking opportunities for you and your company.

Attending these events serves as a win-win scenario: they can increase the reputation and perception of your podcast, including in your particular field, putting you in front of critical players in your industry, potential advertisers or partners, and entirely new groups of potential listeners. to stand . Plus, if your podcast is well-produced and popular enough, using it as a “press pass” for these important events will put you in front of more people clamoring for it.

Going beyond the anonymous and voiceless brand

The best thing about using a podcast to build your business is its potential to humanize a brand. Even with the best social media strategy, authenticating a brand’s voice and personality can be challenging.

By regularly producing podcast episodes that fit your business niche, you and your brand’s personality will repeatedly be showcased in a real way. Listeners will get to know you, become more familiar with your brand, and that available intimacy will come into play. Podcasting can give you a huge advantage over other companies and leaders who simply rely on social media platforms to connect and connect with clients and customers.

The popularity of podcasts has doubled over the past ten years and shows no signs of slowing down in the near term. Popular, business-oriented podcasts have often helped brands achieve stardom in a short space of time. If you’re looking for creative ways to scale your business, starting and growing your own podcast show might be right up your alley. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

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