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Guide to Herdier Raid – Qnnit

Guide to Herdier Raid – Qnnit

Herdier is a three-star Normal-type raid boss. Your best counters are strong Fighting types such as Lucario, Machamp and Conkeldurr. Herdier gets a boost by Half-cloudy weather. Herdier’s perfect CP of raid are:

  • 904 CP for a regular encounter (level 20)
  • 1130 for a weather-fortified encounter (level 25 in Half-cloudy weather)

As a three-star raid boss, Herdier is easy to play solo for anyone with a decent squad of Fighting-type Pokémon. For lower level trainers who may have less ideal counters, we recommend groups of 2-5.

Herdier Raid Counters

Our Herdier counters are derived solely from simulations run on the Go Hub Simulator. Results will vary with different movesets. The results include some unreleased Pokémon. Most of Herdier’s best counters are fairly accessible!

Move Decomposition

Herdier has access to the following moves:

Fast movements Charging movements
  • Lick Ghost
  • Take Down Normal
  • Play Rough Fairy
  • Lightning strike electric
  • digging ground

Herder fighting types are a bit weak to play raw Fairy moves and are expected to do some damage, but there’s not much to worry about as they can’t access STAB with these moves.

Weather effects

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Increases fire and ground type moves
Half-cloudy Boosts Normal typing moves
Cloudy Increases fighting type moves Increases Fairy-type moves
Rainy Increases electric-type movements
fog Increases ghost type moves