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Harry Styles “KISSED” Florence Pugh on the sets of Don’t Worry Darling

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Rumours circulated that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh enjoyed a kiss off-screen. Moreover, this all happened after feeling an “instant connection” on the Don’t Worry Darling set. It all happened weeks before the One Direction star began dating married director Olivia Wilde

Why is “don’t worry darling” linked to so many controversies?

It has been the talk of the town since its debut at the Venice Film Festival in September. In this film, Styles and Pugh play a married couple. Moreover, it was plagued by a series of issues.

Surprisingly, Pugh Wilde did not discuss the on-set conflict on the red carpet. The argument likely sprang from the actress’s uneasiness with her director’s public relationship with Styles. Harry was filming the movie in Los Angeles.

And according to reports, the reason for their disagreement is the spark between Pugh and her on-screen spouse.

What did sources say about their chemistry?

The sun quoted an anonymous source saying, “Harry and Florence had chemistry from the beginning. Moreover, this also transferred wonderfully well on screen.” They kissed briefly one night. However, it was all in good fun and quickly ended.

Nobody would have known if it weren’t for the gossiping of a few cast and crew members. Neither Harry nor Florence had a significant other at the time. Moreover, Florence had recently divorced Zach Braff. Moreover, she had kept the news under wraps to avoid tabloid attention.

Did any one of them cheat?

No one cheated, and nobody did anything wrong. Later on, though, Harry and Olivia began sneaking off to get coffee together. Moreover, they even spend time in each other’s caravans and engage in more mundane forms of intimacy.

The insider continued, saying that Florence was displeased when photos of Harry and Olivia holding hands surfaced. Since it was evident that they had a genuine connection.

Why did grow tension between both the ladies?

Since Harry and Olivia’s growing romance exacerbated the tension between the two ladies.

Rumours of tension on site have also been exacerbated by the actress’s lack of social media posts related to the project. At the event, an Italian journalist asked Pugh what she found “inspiring” about the film. Moreover, the actress revealed that she shared a cunning count with Wilde.

She responded, “I find it incredibly inspiring to see a woman draw back and say ‘no’ and question everything. It’s inspiring to see a female performer succeed on and off camera.

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