Harvey Weinstein sues woman convicted of rape in Los Angeles criminal trial cafe madrid

Harvey Weinstein is suing woman convicted of rape in Los Angeles criminal trial

A woman has filed a civil suit against the disgraced ex-filmmaker Harvey Weinstein for sexual battery, false imprisonment and other claims after he was convicted of raping her last December in Los Angeles.

The model and actress, identified in court documents as Jane Doe 1, was one of the first to testify at Weinstein’s 2022 Los Angeles trial.

The three charges Weinstein was convicted of last December — rape, sexual penetration by a foreign object and forced oral sex — were all linked to Jane Doe 1, who confessed to assaulting the movie mogul in a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2013. .

A woman has filed a civil lawsuit against disgraced former film producer Harvey Weinstein. (AP)

But the jury was deadlocked on alleged aggravating factors related to charges that could have increased his sentence, and the judge rejected a mistrial on those charges.

Weinstein is expected to be sentenced on February 23, when the judge will consider defense attorneys’ demand for a new trial.

The new lawsuit, filed Feb. 9 in the Superior Court of California for Los Angeles County, alleges Weinstein briefly met Jane Doe 1 at a film festival and later that night in her hotel room. appeared and attacked him in February 2013.

Prosecutors are charging Weinstein with sexual assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

She is also seeking an undisclosed amount in punitive and other damages.

Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein will be sentenced on February 23 on the first three charges. (AP)

“Harvey has always denied the allegations and furthermore maintained that he was never with him at Mr C’s hotel and that these events never happened.

Some witnesses lied about material evidence that could have exonerated Weinstein, and it was deemed unnecessary by the court for the jury to hear or be aware of these facts,” Juda Engelmayer, a representative for Weinstein, said in a statement. told CNN.

Engelmayer said Weinstein’s lawyers “filed a motion detailing these facts and arguing that the jury would not have convicted him had they known the details…”

According to the lawsuit, that happened after Weinstein allegedly showed up at the hotel and asked a front desk clerk to put him in touch with the victim.

The new lawsuit alleges Weinstein assaulted Jane Doe 1 in a hotel room in 2013. (Jordan Strauss/Observation/AP)

After the front desk called Jane Doe, Weinstein spoke to the victim on the phone and asked her for her room number. He refused to give his room number and hung up.

The lawsuit says Weinstein showed up outside her room minutes later and when the woman refused to let him in, he “burst into her room.”

The lawsuit states: “Once in the room, he made small talk with plaintiff, but in an arrogant and intimidating manner. He quickly made his real intentions clear. He wanted to have sex with her.”

“He sat on her bed and then violently grabbed the accuser and forced her to sit next to him.”

The lawsuit states that after telling her she was “beautiful,” he commented on her breasts and “grabbed” them.

Harvey Weinstein
He faces charges of sexual assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. (AP)

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe repeatedly asked Weinstein to leave her hotel room, but he ignored her and became verbally and physically aggressive.

“He then forced the plaintiff to perform oral sex and then forced her into the bathroom, where he forbade her to leave and then raped her,” the lawsuit said.

“After he raped her, he pretended nothing out of the ordinary had happened and left.”

According to the lawsuit, California law allows adult victims of sexual assault to file a civil suit within 10 years of the alleged assault and one year after the defendant was convicted of a felony.

Victims’ attorney Dave Ring said in a statement to CNN that they “look forward to testifying in this case at the end of Weinstein’s statement.”

Ring said, “Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of raping Jane Doe 1.”

“Her lawsuit is to seek damages from her for the horrific rape and all the issues she has faced over the past 10 years as a result of that rape.

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