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Has it been renewed by Netflix? What are the odds?

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The Pentaverate, produced by Mike Myers, is a Netflix SciFi comedy-drama series. The show follows a secret organization of five men who have been trying to control global events for the collective good since the Black Plague in 1347. An unexpected Canadian journalist finds himself in the middle of a mission to uncover the truth and potentially save the planet. After the first season ends, fans will want to know if the series will return for The Pentaverate season 2.

The Pentaverate Season 2: Has It Been Renewed?

The first season of the dark comedy-drama series starring Micheal Myers premiered on Netflix on May 5, 2022. Speaking of the prospect of season 2 of The Pentaverate, there’s no official announcement from Netflix. It’s not new for Netflix to wait for some time before a show is refreshed based on how it has performed.

The Pentaverate season 2

In this regard, however, the chances of the series’ renewal do not look great. As we know, the show was originally announced as a limited series by Netflix in 2019. On the other hand, the story of the show also seems to have come to an end towards the end of the first season. That’s why fans have to say goodbye to the series.

What could The Pentaverate season 2 be about?

In the first season of the series, a super-smart computer absorbed the consciousness of Ken Scarborough’s character. Meanwhile, the titular secret sect, The Pentaverate, was disbanded and the group’s members took their lives as part of an intricate “self-destruction ritual.” A new organization known as The Septaverate took its place.

The Pentaverate Season 2

Reilly and Patty are the ones behind the creation of the new secret society, The Septaverate. Ken Scarborough has joined the organization as Kentor, the all-seeing cybernetic being from whom The Septaverate takes advice. Bruce Baldwin is currently enjoying a drink on a beautiful beach after surviving his fall from a bottomless pit. Given that his power has been taken from him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he devised another conspiracy to take over the world in The Pentaverate Season 2.

Is the quintuple real?

The Pentaverate is a fictional group; even in the reality of the Netflix show, most common people are not aware of the existence of the secret society. However, the Meadows, an annual conference in Switzerland where the five members of the Pentaverate meet the most influential people in the world, is mentioned. The meeting is comparable to the annual summit in Davos. It takes place every year in Switzerland and attracts decision-makers worldwide.

The Pentaverate Season 2

The titular secret society in the Netflix comedy series takes its name from Myer’s 1993 film, So I Married an Ax Murderer. In the film, Charlie’s father claims that they meet three times a year in a secret Colorado house. The show is about conspiracy theories and hidden societies in general. Also covers real-world theories about the existence of the Illuminati.

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