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Has it been renewed? Will it continue with the source material?

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With just one season, Letter For The King managed to find its way into the hearts of the fans. And we all fell in love with Tiuri, the good-hearted squire who doesn’t think he’s worthy of being knighted. But fate has other plans for him. After eventually embracing knighthood in the first season finale, becoming Sir Tiuri the Valiant. Fans are eager to know what’s next in Letter For The King season 2’s story.

The Letter For The King is Netflix’s historic coming-of-age drama T, which debuted in March 2020. Will Davies’ creation is based on Tonke Dragt’s book of the same name. The show received a lot of critical acclaim for its gripping stories and a medieval tone akin to GOT.

Will there be a letter for the king season 4?

The letter to the king" Season 2

The entire first season of Letter For The King landed on Netflix on March 20, 2020. Meanwhile, we know that season one ended when Tiuri entered a new phase of life. Therefore, the story has a lot of potential to continue in the following seasons. However, for reasons unknown to us, Netflix has not made an official announcement regarding the show’s renewal for The Letter For The King season 2.

But we have some hope when cast member Thaddea Graham said in conversation, “We haven’t heard a yes or no. I suppose that’s good, it hasn’t been a straight no. And I think we’d all go back, I mean who wouldn’t want to go back riding horses and playing with swords?’

What to expect from Letter For The Kings Season 2?

The letter to the king" Season 2

At the end of the series’ first season, Tiuri reached out to King Favian and delivered the devastating news. On the other hand, Prince Viridian seems carefree and just waits for things to fall into place as they should. When the blood moon appears, he is killed by his own brother and then reborn. Fortunately, Lavinia’s abilities are too great to handle, and light triumphs over evil. While Tiuri and his colleagues are formally knighted, the remaining members of the group return to Dagonaut as victors, including little Piak. Meanwhile, Jaro and Iona, their former companion, ride into the sunset.

The final minutes of season one of The Letter for the King show a flock of birds forming a strange formation that appears to be none other than Prince Viridian’s gloom. When the series returns with The Letter For The King season 2, the story will likely pick up after the events of the first season. It looks like the show’s second season will likely be faithful to the source material. We can expect a lot of drama and unexpected twists next season.

Returning cast!

The Letter to the King Season 2:

The cast of Netflix’s historical drama series includes His Dark Materials, the famous Amir Wilson, in the lead role of Tiuri, a kind-hearted knight up-and-coming. The show also stars Ruby Ashbourne Serkis as Princess Lavinia. Gijs Blom appears as Prince Viridian and Nathanael Saleh in the role of Tiuri’s brother Piak. Additionally, the cast includes Thaddea Graham who plays Iona. Islam Bouakkaz trying Arman. Jack Barton appears as Foldo and Jonah Lees as Jussipo.

Then there’s Jakob Oftebro as Crown Prince Iridium, Emilie Cocquereul as Queen Alienor, Yorick Van Wageningen as King Favian. Also, Peter Ferdinando plays Jaro, and Tawfeek Barhom writes Jabroot. When the series returns with Letter For The King season 2, most of these prominent cast members will likely return to reprise their roles. Rather, some new faces could be added to the cast for next season as well.

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