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Has Netflix renewed the series? Discover it here

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There’s just something strangely satisfying about seeing old and untidy cars turn into beautiful and stylish speed machines. And Netflix’s Car Masters Rust To Riches offers us this pleasure. This is why the show has been quite popular for four seasons. It’s only been a few days since the previous season premiered. Now fans are waiting for the news about Car Masters Rust To Riches Season 5.

Car Masters Rust To Riches Season 5: Release Date

Car Masters: Rust To Riches Season 5

All episodes of the fourth season of Car Masters Rust To Riches premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2022. However, as far as the fifth season is concerned, there is no confirmation from Netflix yet. However, it doesn’t mean the show has been cancelled. It just means it’s still pretty early to talk about Car Masters Rust To Riches season 5. Netflix is ​​taking its own time before a series is renewed. So we’ll have to wait a few days to get a clearer picture of the show’s future.

Is Car Masters real or fake?

Car Masters Rust to Riches is a Netflix reality series about car restoration. The cast of the program finds beaten up or dilapidated cars and trucks and transforms them into attractive vehicles that can be sold for a good profit. It is an uncomplicated yet efficient approach that has also produced some distinctive bespoke works. The lack of attention to the repair and customization processes has led to rumors that the program is a sham.

Car Masters: Rust To Riches Season 5

Some show fans were skeptical about whether the crew really do the restoration work themselves or if they just hire experts to do it for them and make money from it. So, to those fans, we want to let you know that Mark Towle is a well-known auto restoration expert and mechanic. He has been customizing cars for several years now and has done the same for several TV shows and movies.

In addition, another crew member, Constance Nunes, has also been part of the automotive industry for several years. Nunes has always shown her knowledge of cars on the show. So there’s little to no doubt about the crew’s mechanical prowess in the show. That’s why, as far as we know, Car Masters is real.

Car Masters Season 5 Cast!

Rest To Riches Season 5

The Netflix reality series follows the workers in the Gotham Garage. Mark Towle is the owner of the garage and one of the main cast members on the show. Therefore, we can expect his return to Car Masters Rust To Riches Season 5.

Meanwhile, other mechanics on the crew include mechanics Constance Nunes and Michael “Caveman” Pyles, Tony Quinones and Shawn Pilot. They are also all expected to return in the fifth season. Mark brought auction website owner Nick Smith into the business last season. We may also see his return in Car Masters Rust of Riches season 5.

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