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Has Netflix renewed the show? Fans are demanding another season

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In recent years, Netflix has expanded its portfolio with foreign language content. The Russian thriller series Sparta is an example of this. But it’s been about four years since the series’ first season debuted on the streaming giant. While the reactions to season one have been ordinary, some fans are concerned that the series will return with Sparta season 2.

Sparta tells the story of a teacher in St. Petersburg who is also a living room instructor. And then commits suicide by jumping out of the classroom window in front of his entire class. Igor Kryukov, a researcher, interviews the students of the late living room teacher and learns about the video game Sparta.

    Sparta season 2

This blurs the barrier between the physical and virtual world. Because we witness flashbacks of the detective during the investigation, he is highly sensitive. We also learn that his wife committed herself in the same way not long before. He is going through a depressive phase due to her untimely death.

During his investigation, he finds out that the director and his daughter both died in the same institution. From the start, he investigates the possibility that the deaths are related to Sparta, a popular video game among teenagers. The series keeps the suspense until the last chapter. It’s based on a series of flashbacks that make it easy to follow and understand what’s going on until the last chapter, when everything is revealed in a logical order.

Will there be Sparta season 2?

The first season of the Russian thriller series premiered on July 9, 2018 and the season ended on July 20, 2018 on Netflix. Speaking of the potential Sparta Season 2, here’s what we know. Netflix or the showrunners have not yet made any announcements about the show’s renewal for a second season.

Sparta season 2

We know that the first season of the series has been lost in Netflix’s ocean of content. And it didn’t perform particularly well on the streaming. Netflix has a very limited amount of Russian content and the first season has not fared well. The chances of the show returning with Sparta season 2 are very slim. It’s also worth noting, though, that we’re not completely ruling out the possibility of the sho coming back, as it hasn’t been officially canceled by the network yet.

Sparta Season 2 Cast!

The cast of the thriller-drama series includes Alyssa Lozovskaya as Irina Shorina, Alexander Petrov as Mikhail Barkovskiy and Artyom Tkachenko as Igor Andreevich Kryuko. And Philipp Mogilnitskiy appears as Vladimir Bagramov. In the show, Yana Yenzhayeva also plays the character of Anna Malkova and Marina Kaletskaya as Natasha Belodedova. And Yuliya Marchenko plays Lyudmila Mikhaylovna Tsareva. Valeriya Shkirando and Aleksandr Bolshakov were also featured in the first season of the series.

Sparta season 2

If the show returns with Sparta Season 2, we can expect the majority of these cast members to return to their respective roles. On the other hand, as the story expands in the second season, we can also hope to see new faces in the second season.

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