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Has Netflix renewed the show? What’s next for Gia?

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At the end of the first season of the Netflix series Boo Bitch, Erika learns the truth from Gia that the latter was found dead under the moose instead of Erika. Before leaving for the afterlife, Gia made it her duty to help Erica spread her wings. Meanwhile, since then, fans have been excited to learn more about the future of the show and it will return with Boo Bitch Season 2.

Created by Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak and Erin Ehrlich, Netflix’s Boo Bitch is an American supernatural comedy-drama series that debuted on Netflix in July 2022. The show revolves around an unlikely friendship between high school Erika and a dead girl named Gia.

When is Boo Bitch Season 2 Coming?

Boo Bitch Season 2: What's the Premiere Date on Netflix?  Is there a sequel planned?  - Anime Manga News

The first season of Boo Bitch landed on streaming giant Netflix on July 8, 2022. Meanwhile, regarding Boo Bitch season 2, it is still very early to talk about it as the first season came out two weeks ago. We know that the fans and critics have received season one positively.

So there’s a chance for the show to return with Boo Bitch season 2. But this is just our speculation at this point, as Netflix hasn’t given any official confirmation on the show’s future yet. If Netflix decides to go through with the renewal, viewers may have the next season around the same time next year.

What is Boo Bitch season 2 about?

In the epilogue of the Netflix series Boo Bitch, Erika Vu helps her buddy Gia go to the afterlife by going to the prom at Parkway High School. The possibility of continuing Erika’s story exists, as she is still alive. Gia’s story about the afterlife and how she copes with the loss of her friends and family on Earth are all topics that can be explored. Erika and Jake C.’s romance and connections with Riley and other people can continue.

Is Netflix's Boo, Bitch getting a season 2?  Here's everything you need to know

In the wake of Gia’s loss, Gavin presents an intriguing potential character development. A similar story in a college setting could also be interesting, such as: Boo Bitch‘s characters were about to graduate from high school. But all this is just speculation as there have been no confirmations regarding Boo Bitch season 2.

What happened to Gia?

In the previous episode, Gia and Erika fought, and as a result, Gia’s ghostly presence waned. Gia’s unfinished business, according to Erika, is attending the prom with Gavin. Gia is nowhere to be seen, despite Erika’s search for her. Believing that Gia is no longer with us. In response to Erika’s yelling for a sign, it seems that Gia wants Erika to go to the prom.

Boo, Bitch Ending explained, what was Gia's UFB?  • gfcNews

Boo Bitch season finale revealed that the deceased ascends to the afterlife after performing their last duties on Earth. Gia has dissolved her friendship with Erika and can now move on after dancing with Gavin at the prom. Erika shows up all alone at the prom, but Gia shows up with Gavin. Gia’s connections to Erika and Gavin led to her resurgence as a presence.

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