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Has Netflix revamped the reality show? What’s next for April & Sarah?

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Reality TV is constantly expanding these days, with new sub-genres gaining popularity every day. Netflix’s Motel makeover is an example of a home renovation show that was quite popular its first season. The series follows two friends with a knack for designing and renovating. Together they buy a motel and renovate it. Ever since the first season dropped, fans have been curious about Motel Makeover season 2. But will the show be back for another season? What are the odds? Discover it here-

Will there be a Motel Makeover season 2?

The entire first series of the reality series premiered on Netflix on August 25, 2021. Speaking of Motel Makeover season 2, Netflix has not officially confirmed the second season, despite favorable reviews for the first season. This is unusual for the streaming service, as Netflix usually announces the extension a few months after the premiere of a show. In this case, it’s been more than ten months, but nothing has been announced yet.

Motel Makeover Season 2

However, the genre of home restoration is suddenly on the rise after the Covid19 pandemic. Therefore, while very thin, we still have a chance that Netflix will green-light Motel Makeover Season 2. But this is just our speculation. We will have to wait for confirmation for concrete information.

What to expect from Motel Makeover Season 2?

The first season of Netflix’s reality show Motel Makeover revolved around two friends who became business partners, April Brown and Sarah Sklash. The duo quit their 9 to 5 jobs to follow their passion for interior design and home renovation. April and Sarah are the owners of the Motel. Together they renovated the motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, from a shattered rubble to a fantastic establishment.

Motel Makeover Season 2

In the first season we saw April and Sarah work together on the transformation and renovation of the Motel. That’s why the show is called the Motel Makeover. Sarah and Brown will face various issues as they have to work on a budget and during the coronavirus pandemic as the season was shot in 2020 during the outbreak. The event will undoubtedly appeal to design enthusiasts.

When the show returns with Motel Makeover Season 2, we expect it to follow the same pattern as the series’ first season. We may see a different motel or location in the second season. But one thing that shouldn’t and won’t change is the fantastic transformation and renovations by April and Sarah.

Who’s coming next season?

The cast of ‘Netflix’s Motel Makeover’ features April Brown. She is a motel owner who is also the co-founder and co-owner of the June Motel. April is a travel enthusiast who often posts tidbits of travel experiences on her social media handles. Before starting the Motel with her friend, April worked at a PR agency, collaborating with brands like American Express and Nike.

Motel Makeover Season 2

Along with April, Sarah Sklash was also featured in the first season. Sklash is not only a co-owner of June Motel, but he also co-hosts the show. Before joining the restoration company, she worked as a project manager and business analyst. When the series is relaunched for the Motel Makeover Season 2, we can expect the return of both ladies from the first season.

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