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Has the series been renewed by Netflix? Who will return?

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The first season of the Netflix drama series was a complete thrill ride, but ended with a cliffhanger moment. Meanwhile, there are several unanswered questions that fans have been waiting for to find answers. But will the show return for Unsuspicious season 2? Keep reading to find out.

Developed by César Rodrigues and Leandro Soares, Unsuspicious is a Portuguese dark comedy series that debuted on Netflix in August 2022. The series follows three women who are conned by a playboy and begin an investigation into his death.

Will there be an unexpected season 2?

Not suspicious season 2

The first season of the series debuted on Netflix on August 17, 2022. On the other hand, as for the future of the show, we know that it is still very early to talk about it, as the first season has just been dropped for a day. past. In addition, Netflix is ​​known to take its own time before giving the green light for further seasons of a series, especially in the case of foreign shows. So we’ll have to wait a little longer for more confirmation about Unsuspicious season 2.

What could Unsuspicious season 2 be about?

The finale of the first season was titled The Next Victim. In the episode, Charles believed that Washington or Marconi Gonçalves was the one who gave Jorginho poison and killed him. Meanwhile, Marconi was killed trying to get away. However, we found out that the truth behind death was not what it initially seemed. He was killed after being thrown from the roof by someone. This suggests that Jorginho’s killer, Marconi, may not have been him. Jorginho may have been poisoned by the man who pushed him.

Not suspicious season 2

If the show returns with Unsuspicious season 2, the story will continue after what happened in the first season. In the second season, we can finally find out who Yara’s real father is, and he may be linked to the murders. The real killer is also likely to be shown if he is not the one who committed the crime. Some of the bonds created in the first season’s home can continue into the second. More information about Jorginho’s history and the exact circumstances of his death may be revealed.

Who will star in Unsuspicious Season 2?

not suspicious'

The thriller-drama series stars Paulo Tiefenthaler in the role of Jorginho, Fernanda Paes Leme as Patrícia and Maïra Azevedo as Bete. In addition, Thati Lopes plays Thyellen, Eliezer Motta plays Marconi Gonçalves/Washington and Marcelo Médici plays Charles Nunes. There is also Gi Uzêda as Yara, Cezar Maracujá who plays Raul and Dhu Moraes as Zanina.

In addition, Raphael portrays Logan Darlisson, GKAY plays Xandra, Silvero Pereira plays Áquila and Romulo Arantes writes Neto Maurício. When the show returns with Unsuspicious season 2, we can expect most of the main cast members to return, except for Tiefenthaler and Motta, as they are dead. Also, there may be some new cast members in the second season.

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