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Created by Mariano Di Nardo and Simona Ercolani, Netflix’s Di4ries is an intriguing teen drama series that debuted on the streaming giant in May 2022. Since it’s been over two months since the season premiere, fans are wondering if there will be Di4ries Season 2. But will it ever happen? What are the odds? Discover here-

Is Di4ries Season 2 Coming?

The first season of the Italian series premiered on Netflix on May 18, 2022, on Netflix. Meanwhile, regarding Di4ries Season 2, there has been no confirmation or announcement about the show’s second season. We know that Netflix likes to wait to see how a series fares before investing in its future. So everything depends on how the first season of Di4ies on Netflix turns out. If it hits the required ratings, we could have Di4ries season 2 soon.

What is the performance about?

The Italian teen drama series follows Pietro and his friends who study at the Galileo School in Marina Piccola. The program shows the entertaining teenagers who prefer to live life to the fullest and have fun.

DI4RIES Season 2

The main character, along with his friends, navigates teenage life, dealing with heartbreak and first time crushes. Yet the news that the school will soon be closing turns their way of life upside down. Thus, the characters team up to save their beloved Galileo Galilei Middle School.

Is the show based on a real story?

The answer to the question of whether Di4ries is based on a true story is no. The show is a work of fiction and was written by Mariano Di Nardo, Simona Ercolani and Angelo Pastore. However, showrunner Simona stated that the real issues have served as inspiration behind the themes explored in the series.

DI4RIES Season 2

Everything the characters encounter influences how they become unique individuals. Moreover, the way children shape in these years ultimately determines their future. The program takes viewers back to their school days, emotions, families and fears through the perspectives of the characters. The viewer can identify with each character and feel empathy for them through the beautiful way of storytelling. Because of this, although fictional, the program and characters have a real sense of reality.


The cast of the Italian drama series includes Andrea Arru as Pietro, Flavia Leone as Livia and Biagio Venditti as Daniele. The show also features Sofia Nicolini as Isabel, Liam Nicolosi as Giulio, and Federica Franzellitti as Monica.

DI4RIES' Season 2

In addition, we also have Francesca La Cava as Arianna, Pietro Sparvoli who plays Mirko and Fiorenza Tessari as a teacher in the cast. When the show returns with Di4ries season 2, all the main characters will be back in their roles. At the same time, we may also see some new faces in the second season cast.

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