HBO Max to start streaming ‘Game of Thrones’ in 4K HDR next month

Prior to the debut of on August 21, HBO Max will begin streaming all eight seasons of Game of Thrones in 4K. HBO parent company announced the news this week in a spotted by Flat panelsHD (through . The company said all eight seasons would also support Dolby Atmos, as well as HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Whether that’s a good reason to revisit the show’s infamous show”episode and less-than-stellar final season is up to you.

Previously, the only way to get the whole of Game of Thrones in 4K was to buy the Ultra HD Blu-ray collection, which can cost as much as $255. Stream the series in 4K will be significantly more affordable as you only get a subscription to HBO Max’s $15 per month ad-free tier and a such as an Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, or Google Chromecast Ultra. You can watch with those same devices House of the Dragon in 4K HDR when it arrives late next month.

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