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With the end of summer, the time has come to prepare for the cooler temperatures of winter. Of course, that means that you have to take the heating of your home into account. The most important questions to be asked are: is your current stove sufficiently maintained? Is age a factor necessitating replacement? And most importantly, have you identified the need to install a heater where there was none before?

After recognizing the need for a new heater, you should also consider its use. So you should base your decision on how much the stove will be used – both duration and space – the number of units you want and your ideal fuel source.

These questions may seem too many to cover in one sitting. But do not worry. Keep reading for some insight into heating options worth considering. What you read below can serve as a guideline to help you make a more precise decision.

Wooden Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces may look similar, but they have evolved somewhat over time. That is why you now have many options from which to make your choice. There are two main types: freestanding and built-in models. Many models also speak for style and aesthetics from this.

Many prominent wood-burning fireplaces today combine modern and classic to create appliances that embody the feel of a traditional fireplace while remaining efficient enough to heat a 22nd century home. Most use clean lines. Metallic finishes and large visible surfaces in their design show the fusion of the two ideals. In addition, heating experts have equipped these stoves with features that extend the burn time and ingenious ventilation systems that prevent smoke from escaping into the room while reloading wood.

In some cases, wood-burning stove manufacturers also equip their products with technological features that simplify lighting by allowing you to light or re-ignite a fire with just a button. With these additions, you can enjoy a solid fire without having to deal with the long, messy process of lighting kindling and stacking the wood to encourage the fire to burn without choking on the resulting smoke.

gas heaters

Gas stoves are a product of the advances made in home heating technology. Their main draw is convenience. This advantage is reflected in the ability to light a gas fireplace with just a button or switch. In addition, they have a cleaner combustion, eliminating soot build-up and smoke propagation that occurs with wood. Gas stoves therefore require less maintenance than wood stoves (gas fireplaces only require annual maintenance).

In addition to the more general benefits, gas fireplaces are also easier to operate. For example, many have a temperature control feature that makes it easy to adjust the flame height as needed. Automatically adjusting the flame allows the fireplace to maintain the set temperature before igniting. In addition, this capability makes your stove more energy efficient as it uses fewer resources by turning it on all the time rather than turning it off and on periodically.

There are also two main types of gas fireplaces available.

Freestanding fireplaces are usually placed away from supporting structures such as walls. Venting them is often easy – through a direct vent, a vertical roof option or an existing chimney.

Built-in fireplaces you can get the best out of existing fireplaces with fireplaces that are no longer used. By choosing a gas fireplace insert, you can no longer use a wood-burning fireplace without major renovations being required. These models fit into an existing brick opening where each unit is fitted with a double flue system that facilitates air and gas movement.

With this information in mind, the available heating options should be clearer to help you find the right fireplace for your home.

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