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Here are a Few Interesting Insights for Someone Looking to Sell His Home

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Are you a Tennessee resident? You may have lived in a house for a few years and now plan to move to a new one. Many Americans do this, so it’s a regular thing. But if your priority is selling your house first, you should know a few things about your region’s property market behavior. On average, a home sells in over 98 days with fast offers trickling in and no obstacles. It means inspection, evaluation, and deal closing has been a smooth experience. However, some sellers taste success even earlier without compromising the price. 

You may hesitate to entertain such thought, but someone like Elizabeth Leanza, Realty One Group – Realtor of Franklin, can help you with your goals. So, don’t worry about this. In September, some houses saw deal closures within 83 days, with loan approval and appraisal periods amounting to 30-60 days. Let’s learn some more things about selling a house in Tennessee.

Aggressive pricing

Home listing price can affect your selling period. In a hurry, you may sell your house for a lower-than-market home value. It’s better to abstain from this. The listing price is just the beginning. A potential buyer will make an offer, and the negotiation will begin after this. While pricing it, you need to consider your property’s age, locality, sq ft, and other factors. Your property agent can help with this.

Competitive commission for buyer agent

If you wish to get your property listed and picked up quickly, offer a higher commission rate to the buyer agent. The rate can vary from 2.5% to 3% across the country. But the location also matters. You may not have to take this step if your house is desirable or your property agent is an expert. You can choose someone who deals with both buyers and sellers. They will balance the interest of both parties to satisfy them each.

Buy and sell simultaneously!

Some homeowners want to sell their houses to get a new home. Is it a smart move? Industry experts say that prioritizing selling is risk-free because your transaction doesn’t depend on the other. You have to make arrangements in between, such as finding a place close to the new property to reduce expenses. Stay in a rental home for a few days and store your household items in a storage facility. It will give you ample time to explore options.

Like these, many nuances apply whether you sell your property or sell and buy a property. It can take time to track all the factors. When you work with an experienced agent, you can approach your goal without risk. You can benefit from their suggestions. Someone deeply involved in the market can get you the best deals quickly, whether you are a seller or buyer. So, before doing anything else, consult a professional. They can explain the best ways to go about it, enabling you to sell your house for an attractive price without any issues. They will coordinate most of the things on your behalf.

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