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Here’s how the Minecraft streamer looks like

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Social media plays a vital role in today’s world. It helps to showcase our talents. In the same way, gamers can showcase their gaming expertise. Dream is a virtual YouTuber who uses an Avatar for public appearances and also he streams on twitch. The dream never showed his real face to anyone in the public. He uses a smiling emoji for his public appearances. Like any other famous YouTuber, people want Dream to face reveal. He has been streaming Minecraft videos since the year 2019 but to date, Dream face reveal has been a hot topic for his fans. His smiling logo has become his signature face for public appearances but we never know when stuff changes and Dream will face revealing so the fans will get to know his real face.

The hype of Dream’s face reveals started long ago. Long ago in 2014 Dream created his YouTube account and from 2019 he started to upload videos regularly and at a very fast pace, he started to gain popularity and hence creating a huge fanbase. The way he already became a famous creator on YouTube among others the fans of him wanted to see him and hence creating a curiosity about what he looked like. Over the years there are many rumors about Dream’s face reveal in the public. Before taking a glance about his face reveals rumors let’s discuss who is he and his description himself.

Dream is a famous American YouTuber who creates Minecraft videos on YouTube and streams them on twitch. He started his journey in 2019 and already got 10,000,000 subscribers in 2020. Dream even kept his name secret however Karl Jacobs has revealed Dream’s real name to be Clay on Twitter although the tweet has been already deleted. In that tweet, it was shown that Karl has saved the contact name as “Clay Dream” on his phone. This incident shows us how much secretive he is to the world. He also once described himself to have dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Now about Dream Face Reveal.

Around June 10, 2021 fans of the famous YouTuber Dream went crazy when a picture surfaced on Twitter that claimed to be Dream Face reveal. Was that the picture of Dream?

What did the famous YouTuber Dream state about the viral picture which claimed to be “Dream face reveal”?

The fans got crazy when the picture claimed Dream face reveal and started shaming the picture. Dream himself took the matter into his hands and on Thursday, June 11, 2021, tweeted on his private Twitter that it was not him. he also continued about how judgemental are some of the people. He said that it is a very shameful act to judge someone on his appearance and fat-shaming the random person. He claimed this type of action to be harmful, gross, and idiotic. He also stated in the second tweet that Death threats, suicide encouragement, harassment, and fabricating screenshots or stories aren’t great things for people to do for fun. However, he ended up on a positive note saying tweeter can be a ridiculous place sometimes spreading lots of hatred but he asked everyone to spread love as much as a person can.

He claimed that this is not the first time that someone has faced a problem like this on social media platforms. However, on their public Twitter account, he kept things a little more lighthearted and posted a computer-generated photo of a random man and wrote “decided to face reveal… please be nice :/” although obviously, it was also fake. After his reply, many fans tweeted and support him.

Some of the fans tweeted to reflect on themselves and their mentality is fat shaming. Another fan tweeted that it is understandable why many YouTubers don’t face reveal and this fake leak of Dream face reveals clear some people’s negative mentality.

This is not the first time when fans rumored about Dream Face reveal. There are many fans who are all detectives about the Dream face reveal.

Fan’s theories about the claim

A youtube channel serpentine went on a quest of finding the real face of Dream and somehow he got to know that once on 25th September 2019 Dream posted a video revealing himself however he deleted it soon. After gathering more information he got 3 pictures claiming to be Dream however he isn’t sure about the possibility of being Dream among each one of them. You can check out the video here:

After so many fake Dream face reveals fans are still waiting for the real face reveal and in 2021 he also mentioned in one of his videos that he may face revealing in 2022! So patience is the only answer for the fans.


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