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How can we work in Metaverse? Vacancies available here

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The metaverse is a topic that we will not stop hearing about for years to come, as the approach of this project must be included as one of the main goals as a way of life for present and future societies. That is, to cover all or almost all aspects of our daily lives in a virtual reality.

For the same reason, it was only a matter of time before one of the most common practices – technically the most essential – of our society would be imitated in the metaverse work. It is that everything seems to indicate that in a similar way to our real world, in the metaverse the economy can also be run under a system like capitalism. For this reason, several companies have already invested in participating in the virtual universe with their companies, promoting the purchase of their products, such as shoes, to virtual reality users.

There are already some vacancies in the metaverse, such as:

fashion designers

Platforms like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels allow users to change wardrobes constantly. And while experts estimate it’s still a small niche, it will grow over time. Nike has already acquired RTFKT, a company that develops clothing for the metaverse.

Farmers and collectors

With the existence of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) games in the metaverse, people are looking for people to collect and sell resources. One example is what happens to Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), which are grown by Axie Infinity users.

Breeders and craftsmen

Continuing the above, it takes users in the metaverse to take advantage of farmers’ and gatherers’ resources to craft new items. For example, in the case of Axie Infinity, they buy SLP to create new axes. In other video game titles, they are responsible for crafting potions, weapons, etc.

Curators and guides

In the field of art, gallery curators or virtual event guides will become more and more common. That’s already happening on platforms like Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels, where more advanced users are paid to teach techniques to more beginners.

Avatar designers

From ordering custom avatars to buying them as NFT collections, avatars are some of the main identity display alternatives in the metaverse and designers will be the stars in this area.

Builders and architects

In theory, anyone can buy land in a virtual world. But then you have to build it and in that sense the professional skills to create a design that stands out in any home will be key.


We will certainly see several cases where a person has more than one piece of land and, as a result, some spaces for rent. This can be to live but also to organize events such as concerts.

The vacancies are available in a report from: DappRadar, one of the leading analytics and monitoring companies for decentralized applications, as well as cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and essential to the development of the metaverse. In fact, according to his own testimony, players within the metaverse will soon be able to move their account from one world to another, and thus the jobs and offers in this virtual reality will increase.

The benefits of working in the metaverse

Since its purpose is to coexist with our actual reality, to co-exist with our flesh and blood in our physical worlds, the metavers and all its potential will undoubtedly intersect with everything we do in life. In terms of employment, this offers enormous opportunities to break down the barriers of time zones and physical regions.

On a practical level, the metaverse has the potential to change how we work, where we work, who we work with, and in what capacity. Immersive workspaces allow us to create shared spaces where we can gather no matter where we are. It will change the game in terms of expanding the pool of candidates for jobs or projects, while also bridging the interpersonal and practical gaps that remote working creates. Here are some key ways the metaverse can improve our ways of working:

Reducing the disadvantages of remote working

So far, technology has mainly functioned to maintain communication and engagement in the workplace despite physical distance, rather than really duplicating the sense of being personally present among team members. Virtual work nowadays comes at the cost of easily reading body language and spontaneously exchanging ideas as you walk down the hall. All of this creates difficulties for managers who are not involved in where the work is being done. We can join our team colleagues in virtual workspaces as 3D avatars in the metaverse, which is much more like the real world.

According to Satdya Nadella of Microsoft, Accenture is a wonderful example of today’s metaverse. Accenture’s long-running metaverse, Altspace, is detailed in her interview with the magazine.

“Accenture is an excellent example,” says Nadella. “Accenture is essentially establishing what they call the N floor of Altspace, where anyone from Accenture anywhere in the world can drop in at any time and meet other Accenture colleagues.”

Visualize and solve problems in 3D

Many of us approach challenges in a visual way. Being able to connect with ideas and solve problems visually, using 3D models, is a smarter approach to working in industries such as healthcare, architecture and construction, to name a few. Everything can be 3D modeled in the metaverse, enabling more accurate evaluation, design and decision making with fewer time constraints and financial costs.

Consider this scenario: You’re on a construction team, and a virtual electrician can join in from his home (wherever that is) to help virtually repair a wiring problem.

How are companies preparing for the metaverse?

When the metaverse arrives, what can we expect to happen? If it feels like things are moving too fast, it’s because they are: Mark Zukerberg has expressed an ambition to transform his company into a metaverse venture within five years, and companies like Nvidia, Sony and Microsoft seem to be on track. to achieve similar goals.

The metaverse is positioned as the universe of the future. According to one assessment, the economic potential of the metaverse is expected to reach $800 billion by 2025 and $2.5 trillion by 2030. Despite Zuckerberg’s name being most closely associated with it, his company isn’t alone in investing in technologies that are crucial to making the metaverse a ‘reality’.

So far, Microsoft’s HoloLens, PlayStation’s VR headgear, Facebook’s Oculus, Epic Games’ video games, Alibaba’s Ali Metaverse, a new video game studio built on Tencet’s metaverse, and the owner of TikTok have expressed interest.

These technological advancements, as well as the psychological support of the general public, will be critical to making the metaverse accessible and practical. Some users find today’s VR helmets big and sickening, while other technologies take time for everyone to accept them across the board. “The acceleration of invention has only just begun,” writes Bill Gates on his blog.

To work in the metaverse, he argues, we need “motion-capturing gloves to accurately capture facial expressions, body language, and the quality of your speech,” which is well beyond what many of us currently imagine. have our home offices.

However, it is possible that no VR helmet will be needed in the future. Nadella discusses the benefits of digitizing the space so that no clothing is required to access the metaverse.

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