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How did Octo die? † TikTok Trend

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Spongebob Squarepants is part of the current TikTok craze, but it’s not a light-hearted comedy. The Squidward Death Challenge is the latest craze. The song Rät by Penelope Scott should guide the creators of the videos posted on YouTube, asking people to record themselves before and after watching a video.

The challenge started yesterday and has racked up over 9k views on the hashtag since its inception.

A fan-made YouTube video sparked the Tiktok craze

On the video streaming service, customers are instructed to watch videos titled “Squidward’s Suicide Lost Episode” or “Red Mist”. Videos uploaded by fans show Sqiudward’s daily struggles and the emotional turmoil he went through before shooting himself in the head. Edited and haunted music accompany segments from the episode.

Origin of the Creepy Theory

creepy pastaan internet phenomenon dedicated to spreading urban legends is the source of this video.

“There are several horror stories circulating on the internet known as creepypastas. These stories are often short, user-created, and intended to scare viewers across the web.” Since then, the phrase “creepypasta” has referred to any horror material on the Internet.

A Nickelodeon intern who claimed to have seen “Squidward’s Suicide” told the story in the video. In the end, the octopus committed suicide in the episode he saw.

The purpose of the video was to shock and traumatize viewers and ultimately impact TikTok participants. Users’ emotions, which are expected to be shown in the second half of the film, are portrayed in terrified and confused expressions.

What’s in the video?

The title card for Squidward’s Suicide is shown at the beginning of the episode. This is followed by Squidward who cannot play his clarinet correctly. We should now test our mettle, because it’s fun to be terrified of others.

Outside his home he was SpongeBob, and Patrick’s laughter startled him on the street. In preparation for a gig that goes awry, Squidward insists they both stop giggling.

Even SpongeBob and Patrick seemed to have red eyes, similar to those after two hours of crying while the audience praised his act.

A mortified and embarrassed Squidward can be seen whimpering on his knees in his room. It wasn’t Squidward’s voice heard sobbing or screaming, but rather an unidentifiable ghost.

During the moment, Squidward’s face is shown to the camera. It is not clear whether the man behind the video is normal or insane. In addition, if the video was not working at the time, strange noises could be heard in the background of the film as it was moving fast.

The screaming stopped and I don’t know if I could hear the booming voice screaming, “Do it!” in front of Squidward with the gun in his mouth as the camera pans. Then, hooray! After Squidward commits, the camera again shows the remains of his body.

While it is unclear who the narrator of the harrowing video is, he is safe as the film reveals that he has a disturbing mental state.

No, I wasn’t going to finish the story at this point, but I’m forced to, which is a shame. New! Even though it’s three in the morning, I’m not too worried. So please don’t be too hard on me.

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