Thursday, September 21, 2023

How do you tell someone they inspire you?

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Shreya Christina
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I cannot say “thank you” enough to express how grateful I am that you came into my life. You have had such a huge impact on my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you and I know you will continue to inspire me to become an even better version of myself.

You taught me that you don’t always have to be strong. You can abort as long as you pick yourself up again and keep moving forward. When life had you at your worst moments, you allowed your friends to be there for you and help you. You let them in and they helped pick you up. Even in your darkest hour you showed so much strength. I know you don’t believe in yourself as much as you should, but you are incredibly strong and capable of anything you set your mind to.

Your passion to make a difference in the world is incredible. You put your heart and soul into your efforts and exceed every personal goal you could have set. Watching you do what you love and see how you make a difference in the lives of others is an incredible experience. The way your face lights up when you finally realize what you’ve accomplished is breathtaking and I hope one day I can have as much passion as you do.

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The love you have for your family is extraordinary. When I see you interacting with loved ones, I just have to smile. You are so comfortable and you are yourself. I see the way you smile when you are around family and I wish I could see you smile like that every day. You love with all your heart and this quality is something I wish I had.

You inspire me to be the best version of myself. I look up to you. I think more people should strive to have the strength and passion that you show in everyday life. At certain points you may be stubborn, but when you really need help, you let others in, which in itself shows strength. I have never been so proud to know someone and call someone my role model. You taught me so many things and I want to thank you. Thanks for inspiring me in life. Thank you for making me want to be a better person.

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