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How do you write an anniversary letter to parents?

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I am so happy and proud of the role models I have in this life. There are no two people I look up to or cherish more. You made me who I am today, and I hope you know that I live my life to make you two proud.

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It’s hard in today’s society to find a couple that has found a way to get through the rough times and come out the other side. But you two showed me it’s possible, and I’m so grateful for that reassurance.

You taught me how to work for love. Things can’t always be perfect. But you never give up on each other and you never run away. Thank you for teaching me to give everything I have to the people I love, and to do what I can to make those people happy.

You two have built such an amazing life together. You both worked hard for what you accomplished in this life, and you did it hand in hand, supporting each other all the way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how much you two have done and how proud I am of what you two have accomplished.

You showed me how important it is to cherish the person I love. You value each other’s flaws as much as their strengths and you are both so grateful for the qualities the other brings into your relationship. It’s refreshing and such an important lesson you taught me.

You trust each other. You are never jealous and you are never selfish. Seeing the selfless love you have between you is so beautiful and I love that you can put so much of yourself in the hands of the other person without a single worry.

Thank you for showing me that with hard work I can achieve anything. You both value the other’s career and support each other’s dreams and passions. You have done so much to keep our family safe and happy.

There are no words to describe my appreciation for the relationship you have built over the past 23 years. I have grown to understand the ins and outs of what has made your marriage work and I think I have a strong and positive idea of ​​what the promise of marriage is. This is because you showed me how to love and value the people in my life. You showed me how to be treated and how to treat other people. You taught me that if I open my heart, the right person will do the same and live this life with me as you have with each other. Thank you for showing me how love works. Thanks for teaching me it’s not always perfect, but it’s always there. And thank you for showing me how much compassion and forgiveness can do for a relationship. You have taught me some of the most important lessons two parents can teach their child, and I am so happy to be lucky enough to be your daughter.

I always love you both


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