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How is Jerry “Monza” Johnston today?

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“Street Outlaws” is an American reality television show that documents the world of allegedly illegal street racing, focusing on the lives of several drivers competing for the number one spot to be crowned King of the Streets.

The show is primarily filmed in Oklahoma, and all of the main characters and racers in “Street Outlaws” are native to the state, though they may compete with other states from time to time.

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Like many other reality shows, “Street Bandits” have been discredited for being written, and while this may be true, the competition behind all racing events is still seemingly fair and unforgiving.

For the most part, “Street Outlaws” was apparently written more simply so that the production company behind the series wouldn’t be involved in illegal activities, but the drama between the racers remained realistic and the racing events stayed true to their competitive nature.

The series first aired on the Discovery Channel in 2013, and after a popular reception among audiences, the show produced a total of sixteen seasons over nearly a decade. In fact, the popularity of “Street Outlaws” earned it numerous spin-off shows, and it remains one of the Discovery Channel’s most loved and watched franchises, especially among avid fanatics and the many motorsports shows currently airing on the channel.

While the original series appears to have been canceled, the high-octane action continues in all of the newly anticipated releases of the many spin-off series, and fans of the outlaws can feel free to catch up on the latest leagues.

Below the new premieres from 2022, new seasons for “Street Outlaws: OKC,” “Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and AZN,” and “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America” air in their respective timeslots, all of which offer fans more drama, and as much as many tire-burning action.

Over the many years that “Street Outlaws” graced our screens, the show earned much of its featured racers fame and fame, and every viewer most likely has a favorite among the long list of competitors.

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Some of the bigger names on the show include Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Chuck, and Ryan Martin, but another top competitor known as “Monza” caught viewers’ attention for both his mysterious persona and his success with the series .

Jerry “Monza” Johnston, who is currently number seven on the list of top 10 drivers, has appeared on “Street Outlaws” since its first season aired in 2013 and has earned a huge following among fanatics.

However, his most recent performances caused people to question his skills as a driver, with fans wondering how he is doing today.

Who is Jerry ‘Monza’ Johnston?

Jerry is one of the most mysterious racers of “Street Outlaws” as no details about his personal life can be found anywhere, and the reality TV star rarely participates in interviews, but for viewers of the show, Monza is one of the most famous competitors.

As viewers would know, he’s a quiet man of few words, but he never hesitates to challenge his competition once they start talking nonsense.

Because of his quiet and patient manners, Jerry is recognized as one of the calmest racers on the show and has proven himself to be the cutting edge he competes with. Always calm and composed behind the wheel, Johnston developed the ability to make calculated decisions in moments, which especially helps him gain an edge over his competition at critical moments, and this skill often won him victories in the race. to race. circuits.

Of course, many could say that his skills as a driver have developed over the many years he has competed in street racing, and his quiet nature may have been influenced by all the experience he has gained over the past three decades.

Although little information is available on Monza, he is known as one of the biggest competitors in “Street Outlaws”, standing at a hefty 6ft 4ins (1.95m), which certainly makes Jerry seem like one of the most intimidating drivers on the racing circuit. are. scene. Despite his towering figure, Johnston is one of the friendliest racers, having not been involved in rivalries, disputes or dramas as much as many other racers.

While this may be because he tends to keep to himself, Jerry relies more on his driving to talk, as his jet-black 1972 Camaro Rally Sport can be just as intimidating as himself.

While it’s not known exactly when Jerry entered the local racetrack, many people know that he’s been street racing for most of his life. Even before earning his place on the list of top Oklahoma drivers, Jerry earned a reputation as a fierce competitor, and many of the state’s local racers awaited his rivalry.

According to most reports about Jerry, he is just as capable in the workshop as he is on the street.

Jerry got his nickname “Monza” from the car he previously raced, a Chevrolet Monza, although little information can be found about the car. Nevertheless, both Jerry and his Monza have built a reputation on the streets of Oklahoma as Johnston earned the number one spot on numerous occasions over many years of racing.

Unfortunately, Jerry wrote his Monza off in an accident and has since replaced it with his famous jet-black Camaro, dusting off the competition.

However, despite his previous records, Jerry’s performances over the past few years showed a lack of his former dominance, although many suspect this could be due to a vehicle change, but this dropped Johnston to seventh position overall. Although he still participates in the racing events held in Oklahoma, it is clear that the racing veteran is losing his edge, although he nevertheless remains a formidable competitor in “Street Outlaws”.

Although little is known about his personal life, it is widely known that Jerry is as much a family man as he is a racer. Monza tied the knot with his wife Tammy in 1986 and together they raised two children, son Brandon and daughter Brittani, both of whom are now young adults, although little is really known about them.

Apart from what could be considered general knowledge about Monza, little other information could be dug up about the reality TV star, and it appears he has lived a quiet life.

Monza’s accident and life since

During the filming of the eleventh season of “Street Outlaws” in July 2018, Monza was involved in an accident during a thrilling race against Chuck Seitsinger, when Jerry lost control of his own car and almost collided with Chuck’s car. Fortunately, the collision was avoided, but the Monza went off the road and ended up in a ditch, after which the car rolled several times.

The unfortunate ones accident left the entire crowd in shock, with many fearing the worst for Jerry. Fortunately, he was able to pull himself out of the wreckage, sustaining only minor cuts and bruises, much to the relief of the spectators, viewers, and of course, Johnston’s family.

Unfortunately, while Monza survived the wreck, the same couldn’t be said for his car, which was almost completely destroyed. Though beyond repair, Jerry chose to scrap it and set about building a new car that would allow him to race through the streets.

Jerry may have lost the race against Chuck that day, but luckily he didn’t lose his life. While quite dramatic, the incident was certainly proof that street racing had its fair share of dangers and that there are substantial reasons why it is supposedly illegal.

Despite the fear, Jerry didn’t shy away from the competitive sport of street racing, and in no time he was back on the road battling for the number one spot. Although he faced some challenges with his new car and subsequently dropped to seventh on the list of top drivers, Monza remains fiercely competitive.

While it’s been a while since he held the number one spot, it doesn’t look like Jerry will be relinquishing his place in “Street Outlaws” anytime soon. As such, fans can expect to see him in new upcoming episodes of the show and its spin-offs.


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