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How long does it take to settle a California motorcycle accident claim?

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Most motorcycle accident claimants have never faced an insurance claim. This can make the situation stressful, especially if you don’t know when it will be over. Knowing what to anticipate and the usual time frame for claiming motorcycle accidents can help with this.

Because every accident is unique, only the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at The May Firm can tell you how long it will take to resolve your claim. Many factors come into play when claiming motorcycles, including who is responsible for the accident, the extent of the damage, and the classes and levels of insurance coverage available.

Factors Influencing the Motorcycle Accident Claim Process

In more than 80% of accidents, motorcycle passengers are injured or killed due to the lack of external safety equipment. Liability and insurance play a role in determining a settlement and the damage caused.

1. Liability Institution

Your compensation process may consist of proving guilt for the accident. This can help you figure out whose insurance company will cover your losses and how much you will get. Your lawyer must demonstrate that the actions of the other party to the accident met four special conditions in order to establish negligence. The specifics include:

  • duty of care
  • injury
  • Cause

If there is any doubt as to who is to blame in your case, please contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at The May Firm† It can cost you thousands of dollars if you are wrongly assigned partial or full responsibility for an accident.

2. Damage

In addition to the debt, the damage also determines the value of your business. Damage refers to the extent to which someone has been injured. With few exceptions, injured motorcyclists have the right to sue the accused for monetary compensation. You must be able to substantiate the value of your injury with credible documentation to get the highest settlement offer.

Several factors determine the damage:

  • Medical expenses incurred in the past
  • Future Lost Wages and Earning Capacity
  • Future medical costs
  • punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering

3. Settlement Negotiations

Negotiations for a settlement are fluid and competitive processes. Major insurance companies defend the majority of California motorcycle accident claims. In most cases, these companies recruit and train insurance brokers to settle claims for the lowest practical amount. You need enthusiastic motorcycle accident lawyers at The May Firm by your side to receive a complete and fair compensation offer.

Depending on the circumstances, settlement can take from 30 days to six weeks after the accident. The first estimate of the settlement of the insurance company can take 20-30 days. If the offer is too low, your lawyer will discuss and negotiate with you.

Unless the matter is complicated or both parties cannot reach a reasonable settlement, most motorcycle accident claims are settled in less than a few months. According to research, claimants who work with an experienced attorney get higher payouts and get their cases resolved faster.

Wondering how long it will take to process your motorcycle accident claim and want to speed up the process? Contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at The May Firm. The lawyers start with a free consultation and capture all the details of your claim.


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